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  • clr61 clr61 Nov 6, 2008 10:24 PM Flag

    Gripes about Fantasy Hockey

    What I meant about being stuck with nothing for Goalie, I mean 2nd tier type goalies. How is it that someone in the league can wind up with Brodeur and Nabokov....ON THE SAME TEAM????

    Reading the list of available players in my league is like scouring the lowest of minor league lineups.....how can any active player get any better?

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    • It sounds like your gripe isn't with Yahoo, but your predraft rankings. Yahoo didn't make you not pick goalies. Yahoo didn't make you rank the players the way you did. I have one team with Brodeur and Malkin, I did my rankings. In my 2 ESPN teams, my goalies are Lundqvist, Miller, and Kipper...for both! I did my predraft rankings. So if you goalies are mediocre at best, and there are no FA's that interest you, why not try trading. That is part of the game. One of teams started out with 2 of 3 crap goalies. I did some trading (okay, a lot by now) and ended up with decent goalies now. To the point, I traded one away (I think I did pretty good with it) and helped upgrade my forwards. You just gotta figure how to play the game and set yourself up right. That is not Yahoo's fault. Good luck with the season.

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      • I couldnt agree more.

        On mine, I have Osgood/Giguere, and on the other 3 I have Osgood/Brodeur all picked by Yahoo...I, emphasis on I made the mistake of picking Gerber over Khabibulin on FA (UGH!!)...and Thank God it wasnt Osgood that didnt go on IR, but now I have to deal w/ the "leftovers" on FA. So, even if you would've gotten Brodeur on your team like me, it wouldnt have done you one bit of good at this moment. However, if you would have looked at FA on the first day like I always do, there's plenty of decent (not great) players left to choose from. After that, like he said, you're left w/ trading for your best hopes at improving your team.

        Not ranking a G is a HUGE mistake in the fantasy hockey game as they count for almost 1/2 of your stats!! You just have to live and learn as I have....

    • I think both Nabokov and Brodeur are injured now.


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