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  • jordanw jordanw Oct 21, 2008 5:27 PM Flag

    Please rate my team (12 teams in league)

    S. Crosby C
    P. Datsyuk C
    D. Roy C
    R. Nash LW
    R. Smyth LW
    Z. Parise LW
    M. Naslund LW
    A. Hemsky RW
    S. Doan RW
    N. Antropov RW,C
    P. Kubina D
    D. Keith D
    C. Pronger D
    C. Rivet D
    K. Timonen D
    M. Sundin C (my long-shot player)
    H. Lundqvist G
    M. Gerber G

    any good? should I consider moving anyone early on?

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    • Yeah dude, rest of your league sucks at drafting!!!

      Sick centers; Enough said.
      LW is pretty solid too - Smyth should have a decent year
      RW is suspect, but Doan/Hemsky/Antropov could have good years.. That's your question mark as I see it.
      D are solid.. Could use more offense, but overall not bad - Timonen a good late rounder for you.
      You got Lundquist, awesome. Gerber...not so much!

      Personally I would try to dangle Naslund, Gerber and Kubina for a goalie and someone. I'd try to upgrade Gerber for sure.

      For a 12 team league though... You're laughing your way to a top 3 finish for sure and 1st place is very reachable.


    • Yes, I would consider getting rid of keith and perhaps going for a FA like Ehroff or Wideman who will see lots of PP time and should have strong +/-

    • Dude the reason your forwards look great is because your goaltending is awful...

      Lundqvist is great but he can't carry you, you need another ELITE goalie or 2 mediocre ones if you wanna survive... I'd go for the elite one by giving up someone like Nash if you can but you might have to give up more

    • Get rid of gerber, sundin, and naslund.

      Trade nash if you can too.. his fantasy value doesnt do him justice, but unfortunately, that's what fantasy hockey's about. Hold on to pronger.. i think he'll have a decent year. Get rid of kubina, he wont rack the100 PIM like he did last year, and if kaberle can't score, i'm pretty certain kubina won't be doing so hot either. Timonen, Keith are solid. Rivet has never been a big scorer, but hopefully you've benefited from his one 25 PIM night the other week. See if there's a better player to pick up. And yeah.. sundin's just taking up a roster spot. Pick someone else up. Otherwise, pretty solid team in a 12 - team league.

    • nobody gets Cros, Dat and Lundy unless its a league of newbies. Every draft I was in all 3 gone by 10th pick

    • Imo pretty damn good. Would prob trade a center for a very good RW or D unless you can play all 3 per night in your league. I personally think kubina and rivet are only so-so and pronger has had iffy start. Secondary goal tending is also a must. Get rid of Sundin its pointless to hold on to him. I also personally think Naslund is pretty much washed up.

    • have you got idiots in your pool? cause seriously that's a kick @$$ team you have. I assume you went 1st, 2nd

    • Aside from the walking shit-stain of a goalie that is Martin Gerber, you've got a pretty good squad. Get yourself a better second goalie and you'll be good to go.


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