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  • John M John M Aug 26, 2008 6:37 PM Flag

    Yahoo Big Hockey Mess Up

    This is right on. Sorry I'm a little more angry than some. Yes i know it is only fantasy hockey, and yes worse things have and will happen but man I really look forward to this. And it was piss poor the way Yahoo just stopped everything all together without posting something on the hockey home page. absolute BS if you ask me. Way to treat your customers and supporters yahoo.

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    • John i agree, i got it all set up and boom! why does football start up 2 months early??? but now is only a few weeks before hockey.... you cant get anything really ready in a short time. YAHOO should give us FREE STAT TRACKER this season or compensate this mess somehow... I thought it was weird nick lidstrom and others were missing on the player list this morning though...