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  • adam67ca adam67ca Jun 15, 2008 12:30 AM Flag

    Cup Finalists-2008-09

    Prediction:Chicago Black Hawks- cup finalists 2008/09

    ...........................all bets off
    my Leafs make playoffs.

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    • Haha Oilers Jay-O??/ They wont even make the playoffs. Also keep in mind if they do teams with no defence to come out of the first round. Detroit vs. Montreal/Philly. Detroit wins they are too fuckin good.

    • Doormat predictions:

      So far it's the Canucks and the Kings duking it out for last place with the Knuckleheads lack of scoring depth giving them the edge in the Western Conference.

      In the east the Panthers and the Thrashers seem to be in the early running - but Hurricanes could still make a dive for the bottom of the barrel.

      This is one crazy free agent period - some teams have really improved, some are just Minor leaguers in a snazzier outfit.

      It's going to be one heck of a wild season.

    • July 2, 2008; my 2008/2009 prediction Chicago NHL finalists
      starting to look just a l-i-t-t-l-e better today.

    • Newer prediction: Sundin WILL NOT sign with Habs.

    • New Prediction; Todd Bertuzzi to head NHL discipline board.
      All players brought before Bertuzzi will be subject to blow
      to head by hizzoner. Survival of player will result in no
      suspension. All others will go to hospital along with their
      lawyer who will be subject to same treatment.

    • He was a great goalie, coming off a Stanley Cup victory - would you expect anything less? I think he'll step it up this year - and Emery's going to L.A. anyways!

    • Yeah, I don't see where Wellwood fits in to the Canucks plans, although I'm still waiting for Mike "why don't the other GMs like me?" Gillis to make some of those "bold moves" he's been talking about. Picking up the Leafs cast-offs is hardly a "bold move". Not surprising he's having a hard time making deals: a) It's really tough to make deals in the salary-cap NHL b) he's not got a very good rapport with other GMs and agents, and c) when you very publicly slam your team and it's "assets" (i.e. players), you're telling GMs that you haven't got anything they want.
      Anyways it will be interesting to see what he does July 1.

      And you're right, JFJ will never manage an NHL team again.

    • For crying out loud... Khabi still has 1 year left on his contract ans is being paid 6.75 in 2008-2009.... They can't trade him... too expensive to buy out.... That was such a bad contract

    • Also read that Wellwood was very hard for Paul Maurice to motivate... From what i've heard, Maurice never had issues motivating young players.

      I think he'll do well in Vancouver, probably on the 2nd PP, change of scenery will go him some good.

      Same as Emery, the whole Ottawa thing is a reality check for him, in a new city, new team, he can regain the form that impressed everybody in the first place, but i hope he doesn't lose too much of his attitude, that's as much a quality as a problem.. I'm actually hoping Chicago takes him and stops relying on overpaid Khabibulin... which reminds me, i meant to find out how long they're stuck with him....

      Off to research i go!

    • A long-time entertainer, George Carlin passed away on Suday June 22nd 2008. A long time favourite of mine, I saw him LIVE at the old O'Keefe theatre in Toronto. He did his "Seven Dirty Words You Can Never Say On television"
      This is about hockey; Quote "People think hockey is a sport. It's not. Hockey is three activities taking place at the same time:
      ice skating,fooling around with a puck, and beating the sh**
      out of somebody.If these guys had more brains than teeth, they'd
      doe these things one at a time.First go ice skating, then fool around
      with a puck, then you go to the bar and beat the sh** out of
      somebody.The day will last longer, and these guys would have
      a lot more fun" End Quote.
      The great score-keeper has spoken. No more puck quotes.

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