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  • Rowdy Roddy RiGo Rowdy Roddy RiGo Jun 17, 2008 8:52 AM Flag

    Cup Finalists-2008-09

    Those are all very good predictions (minus the NYR thing). I have one more. I predict that when you watch hockey on TV this year, the puck will make a trail like you are tripping on acid. Hold on a second. What's that? They did? Oh, really? hmmmm. Okay, nevermind, bad idea.

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    • Thank you Fox network!

      That damn puck is STILL a joke.... Every year someone makes some kind of reference to it...

      I miss hockey...

      You gotta love Bettman's NHL..

      Predators new owner is filing for Cahpter 11....

      The guys buying the Tampa Bay Lightning don't actually have the money to buy it... they're being co-signed by the current owner...

      I wish the NHL would just focus on the markets that work... why is Florida so f****ng important???? The canadian retirees???

      The new CBA is a dream come true for the players, and is the same ole same ole for the owners with the money going out out of their pocketbook faster than it's coming in... If it wasn't for the canadian markets, the cap wouldn't be going up... I find it all very ironic.


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