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  • Jay O Jay O May 22, 2008 11:51 AM Flag

    Idle banter

    In order to keep the board going all summer I guess we will need a "Seinfeld Subject", something about nothing - not that there is anything wrong with it. Check in once a day and add your musing.

    So my daily musing is; Why is it so hard for the average driver to master the use of the turn signal? Perhaps it's because they have one hand on the wheel and the other claw clenching a cell phone.

    And Jerry would appreciate this, "Seinfeld" spell checked is "sniffled".

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    • In a recent issue of Hockey News there was a paragraph about how the league didn't like the scruffy look because it made it hard to "market" the players. Let’s see the playoff beard represents dedication, commitment, perseverance, team work, ruggedness, true grit, selfless - all the things that I would want to be associated with. The GQ model on the other hand represents vanity, indulgence, ego centric, selfish.

      I don't buy Vanity Fair (Avery enjoy your internship ya wuss) but I do buy lots of things that that no GQ model would ever consider. Just another example of a miss guided management messing with tradition and looking for conformity.

    • Now I know a lot of hockey players are superstitious about shaving during the playoffs, but Sid the baby looks like his face is dirty. He just needs to shave that shit off and let it go!

    • Bonchprof,

      Nice to see your still on the boards.

      whats your opinion of the current state of canucks nation with the recent shake-up of the coaching staff?

      PS: Canucks spell checked is Chances - ironic isn't it?

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      • Jay,
        Yep, I'm still around, albeit sporadically and, for the most part, silently, although I felt the need to chime in when I was put in the company of those venerable stoners, cheech and chong - an astute comparison, by the way (he says as he rolls his morning joint).

        My opinion on the current state of Canucks nation? Still just wait and see. Two assistant coaches fired, barely the "bold moves" that will make this team a contender, but you've got to start somewhere. Not surprising he's saving that final bullet in the chamber for AV, who will most certainly do his best to get this team into the playoffs next year, knowing that he's only been given one year to prove to Mikey that the Jack Adams award sitting on his mantle was no fluke. AV is a great coach, but he may be back in montreal in the not too distant future....

        Oh, and spellchecker.net also lists "schmucks" as an alternative to "canucks". How about that eh?

    • Uh, what's that Jay? Dave's not here, man. *cough* Shit. Anyone have a light?

    • In Sienfeldian whine "But you started it!" by quoting Bud & Lou so I countered with Groucho, Harpo, Chico and Zeppo. We'll leave the Larry, Moe and.... Shemp for Adam to quote. And we all know who Judy's counterpart is. The long silent Bronchprof strikes me as a Cheech and Tommy kind of guy.

      I am just finishing up at work and checking the score, so far things look good for my Red Wings. It's off to the pub for a Shirley Temple and a real big TV.

    • Damn, that is messed up man! What is this, the WWE?? Man. Good thing I wear a helmet.

    • Adam as usual your absolutley right, and my best guess is that it's the last goal that will win the game.

    • Expect Pens to score a goal. One goal can win
      it in game 2.

    • Who's on 1st?

      Usually the opposing goalie, but we all seen how that turned out for the Pens. As Fleury stumbled to the ice, so did the team in the game.

      Look for a change in game two.

    • I think I am going to join a club and hit you with it.

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