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  • Rowdy Roddy RiGo Rowdy Roddy RiGo May 12, 2008 11:00 PM Flag

    Most overrated player

    Figured I would start this as a new post to keep them separated. I vote for Kolzig. He has been so hyped up in DC and may have been, until more so recently, one of the worst starting goalies in the league. I hate to say it, but for all his skills, his lack of health leads me to Peter Forsberg as well. Stay healthy, I will take you off of my list. And we are saying overrated, Sid the Saviour. He is a great player, maybe just not the greatest of all time as he is being hailed to be and overhyped as. I also nominate the entire Toronto Maple Leafs (Leaves).

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    • I remember I remember!

    • Dudes, those Pez were wrapped and sealed when I sent them. Damn mailmen keep stealing my Pez!! They like to do that you know. And they steal my mail when I put it in the mailbox. Bastards!! Meow!

    • So Red,

      I guess your starting to see the difference between over rated (Daigle - Fata), over hyped (Loungo - the return of Neidermeyer), over valued (The return of Forsberg - Dustin Penner) and over the counter (Pez from the local candy store, pre-licked Pez - Eeeewww)

    • In agreement with what you said, he did give up a lot for the Caps. As a person, he does a lot of cool crap! I have heard him on Elliot in the morning (out of DC). He seems like a really decent, good guy! But the way the Caps media overhyped him. I did get to watch that constantly! That is where my feelings are coming from. He had a few good seasons (2 or 3 were downright stellar) and if he had kept on that pattern, I would easily say Hall of Fame. But he pitterred out fast and hard. Even with a New Jersey Devils team that can barely score on a wet paper towel, Brodeur still has great seasons. I do feel that Olie is not a starting goalie anymore and would be a very competent backup. The Washington media hyped the crap out of him like he was the next Patrick Roy and still did until Huet came along (I saw that writing on the wall). I am overly critical of how great and amazing he was made out to be by the media here, when he is average. Great person, average goalie whose best seasons have past him by.
      Also, why is everyone picking on me?!?!

      PS Did you get your cherry Pez?

    • gotta be souray

    • I would have to say Dustin Penner. He is okay, but is he worth spending $4,500,000. You tell me.

    • Rigos; stop beating around the bush.................
      say what is really on your mind..................................
      Quote: "I am not as smart as a 5th grader AND
      I REALLY love the Habs." Unquote....................
      .............There.......now...............don't you feel...................................much better?
      LOL ........The Devil made me do it!!!!!

    • Jeez Devil,

      What supporting evidence do you have that Kolzig is overrated and the worst starting goalie in league history- I thought that title was reserved for Steve "The-puck-goes-in-ski" Buzinski of the New York Rangers, the bow-legged goalie with the gigantic 5-hole.

      As to the entire Maple Laughs (No syrup from that lot again next year), I would have to disagree, Mats Sundin is perhaps one of the most under appreciated players in recent history.

      Mat's 20th in points, tied for 20th in goals scored, 32nd in Assists, all this in only 74 games played. If Sundin had stayed healthy he would have tied Kovalchuk for 10th in points.

      As to to his ability to wield the lumber, he is the King of the ring, being 13th in the face-off circle should be impressive enough, but the most telling stat is, at over 1700, he lead the league in draws which accounted for over 40% of all the Leafs face-offs last season and Mat's had the audacity to win over 55% of them - only one player, Rod Brind-amour, took 4 out of every ten face-offs, and he won 58% of them (and he did that in only 59 games played). And still Sundin managed to end the season a plus 17 on a terrible team (Sorry Adam, I know it hurts).

      The Laughs may suck, but give the gut his due - because come September I bet you would like to see his shoulders draped in Jersey Red, - I know I would like him to be in Red emblazoning a Michigan wheel.

      • 2 Replies to Jay O
      • Well, I get to see more Caps games than anything with where I live, so I have been watching Kolzig for a while. I do not believe him to be South African but Swiss due to all the holes he seems to have (ya know, like the cheese). In his career with the Caps, he has had 9 losing seasons and 5 winning. One of those winning seasons was by 2 games only. His GAA for 4 of the last 5 seasons has been 2.79 or greater and gone over 3.00 twice. His save % for 2 of the last 3 years has also been under .900. He had a few good seasons, statistically (with a good team in front of him as well). So I really have to say in the past few years especially, he has severely disintegrated as a starting goalie that had been hyped up as the future of the Caps and a lifetime Cap and what not. He is very, very overrated.

      • I would love to see Sundin in Jersey red, I will 100% agree with you about Sundin. I did notice that you cannot name anyone else from Toronto though, who should not be in there....hmmmm?? That was more tongue in cheek, though.


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