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  • Rowdy Roddy RiGo Rowdy Roddy RiGo Apr 28, 2008 8:21 AM Flag

    Canada, eh?

    With how expensive gas and food is becoming in the US of A here, would one of my Canadian friends on the board here be willing to hook me up with finding a house and job in Canada so I could move there. I do believe it would be more affordable and from past conversations, there is better beer!!! Plus, hockey is huge in Canada, and that makes me happy. Plus the Kids in the Hall are from there, which is cool! But, you guys did give us Alannis Morrisette, which is bad!!!! Thanks.

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    • Whew, I just looped it about 20 times....nice! I'm exhausted. Good nite.

    • You'll have to loop it yourself, but this one's got a great picture-in-picture shot of Jones screaming "HHAAAARRRDDDD!!"


      Pretty hot stuff, eh?

    • Canada is indeed a great nation, and we definitely enjoy a very high standard of living, as do you Yanks. I doubt, however, that it would prove to be much cheaper here. Mind you, you did say that homes are VERY expensive where you presently live, and by comparison most parts of Canada will definitely not cost you between 500K and a mill. So you could conceivably stand to save quite a bit on the purchase of a home. However, gas is quite expensive - more than in the U.S. - and fuel efficiency tends to drop in our cold winters, so there’s no advantage to be found with respect to fuel costs.

      Overall, it's a hard call to make. If I were you, the clincher wouldn't have anything to do with the music industry and its stars/embarrassments, nor with the quality of our beer, nor our distinctively Canadian brand of comedy. For me, the clincher - which would keep me in the U.S. - would be that here in Canada, you’d be sentenced to watching (and reading/listening to the endless coverage of) the Leafs 24/7. It is simply inhumane, and, I’m pretty sure, in direct contravention of the Geneva Convention.

      If I were you, that alone would cause me to stay put. Find a nice house ... spend the mill. ... and enjoy the bliss that can only come from being far enough away from the 49th parallel that the word "Leafs" is simply a misspelling of "leaves".

      God bless America.

    • Hmmmm, can you link me to a you tube of that that is in a 5 minute or so loop? I think that might be worthwhile. =)

    • Curling is strangely addictive... for years i'd flip channels and fall on it, then some magical force would take over my hand, preventing me from changing the channels.

      Eventually i started paying attention to the rules and what they were doing... i've found out it's quite a strategic game and the skills involved is pretty high.

      Also, alot of the ladies look nice too :) There's just something about a hot Jennifer Jones gliding down the ice yelling HAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    • Food & gas automaticly goes up here in Canada too. (Suggest cycling and forced dieting)

      Remember, we like to emulate you Americans.

      Yes, hockey is the #1 sport here, but you'll have to deal with a LOT of curling too.

      Don't forget we also gave you Celine Dion. (Thanx for taking her.)

    • Yeah, Canada's got a lot going for it - unfortunately you won't be paying much less for petrol, as peak oil does not do us Canadians any favors either, and although the local, organic food industry is growing fast in certain parts of Canada (particularly the west coast), don't expect food costs to rise any less here. But there are definite advantages: as you mentioned, beer is MUCH better (again, here on the west coast we have a huge microbrewery industry), hockey is a matter of cultural identity, and the comedic roots run deep (remember before Kids in the Hall we had SCTV!), and although we have displayed some questionable taste in music (Celine Dion IS Canada's biggest shame), there are many other great artists working up here in the North. As far as our taxes go, they aren't that much higher, as I dare say our current government is actually a lot more "conservative" (at least financially) than yours. Don't be fooled by the right-wing talking points, they don't give a rats ass about you, and like to preach about tax-cuts while simultaneously running one of the biggest budget deficits of the modern era, driving your economy into the ground. Not saying the Democrats will do much better, but don't assume that your taxes will go up. There is also that small matter of trillions of dollars being spent on ridiculous wars in the middle east.....

    • Alanis rocks!

      But yah... gas is rising here too buddy, if that's your motivation, you won't be saving much.

      Taxes... I don't know if Canada is really any financially better than the US, our economy is working slightly better, for now...

      I guess you could do research that would compare living here vs living there...

      I can tell you, from someone wanting to buy a house... it's fucking expensive!

      In Ottawa, the average price for a single family home is 300,000$, In Hull, Quebec, which is my preference, i could get a10-15 year old semi-detahced home for approx 180,000$. Bungalows usually range in the 150,000 to 250,000 depending how much work is needed.. you get the idea.

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      • PS Alanis does not rock!!

      • Well, out of curiosity, how much is gas a gallon? I know there will be a conversion factor. Where I live is $3.50ish American (in Virginia). In California, it is approaching or at $4.00. As far as a home price, that is cheap!! In Northern Virginia, where my family lives, a standard single family home will run $500K-$1million. I live out near Luray Caverns, which is far from any "city" and very rural, actually, the poorest county in VA, and my house brand new, ran $250K. Taxes are pretty crazy here, too. They will get worse if the Democrats get the White House. Ugh! Raises are going to hell also. I got a 1% raise this year which doesn't cover anything in inflation and I have a second job and still struggling!!! I guess North America is rough as hell right now, cause I sure as shit ain't going to Mexico.


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