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  • adam67ca adam67ca Apr 18, 2008 12:20 AM Flag

    Washington Bubble Bursts

    Philly appears to be the dark horse of NHL playoffs.
    Caps are duds. What happened to the scoring machine?

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    • hahah

      I'm not going to post any of MY drunk stories.. not today anyway ;)

      That was just a little story of the night we introduced quebec microbrews to an american...

      Not that i blame him, 3 of those in short order would fuck anybody up. (750ML bottles...)

    • HA! That is awesome! My worst drunk story was my bachelor party. I was still in a band at the time and it was our Wednesday night house gig. Pretty packed house. The first of three sets, I had a couple of beers, 2 or 3 people got me a shot. Starting the second set, our singer yells out, "This is Ed's bachelor party! Let's get him fucked up!!" Well, they succeeded. I recall 9 shots in the next 3 songs. They told me I took about 20. That's on top of what I already taken in. The only 2 things from that night I remember are peeking my head up in a backroom I passed out in, hearing the music, puking, and passing out. Then as leaving, a friend drove (obviously) and everyone was trying to get me to drink some water, which I refused until my wife to be asked, and of course I did. I woke up the next morning wrapped in a banner from the Kabob place next door as my blanket on the couch. I could not drink water until that evening and even threw up at the wedding rehearsal. I did not eat at the rehearsal dinner, because I couldn't. I was able to eat breakfast Friday morning, barely. And that night at my wedding, I drank half a glass of champagne and 2 beers and was done. For about 6 months, if anyone said Tequilla, I got nauseous. Woo hoo. Yay alcohol.

    • A few years ago, a guy from Miami was up here in the winter... Not only was he suffering shock from the cold, but he had to deal with Canadian beer...

      Now this guy was an acquaintance, a friend of a friend.. and he was talking a lot about drinking us under the table, that he could take anything.. bla bla bla.

      So ok... i decided to give him some good ole Quebec Hospitality. Went to the bartender and ordered 1 Maudite, 1 Fin du Monde & 1 Raftsman. Not sure if you guys are familiar with these quebec microbrews, but they are very potent beers, the lightest one having a fruity taste and is about 8.5%. Anyway, after having downed these, we went to the restaurant to introduce him to another Quebec favourite, Poutine!!!!! Well, he got about 2 bites into it when he ran outside to be sick.. then he was sitting in a snowbank, in -20 (celcius) weather, with a puddle of sweat in front of him dropping off his forehead..

      Poor guy.. they had to carry him onto the bus...

      I didn't feel too bad though... it's always funny taking advantage of americans who don't realize good canadian beer seems to act like moonshine on their livers.

    • That is absofreakinlutely hilarious!!! Oh my God, my eyes are watering I am laughing so hard. But what do you do in the "warmer" months (which is a relative statement for Canada, ey)? What if there is no snow around? Do any of you Canadians know any ice road truckers? I love that damn show!!!

    • Sure it's free - however the Canadian cure for an ill advised drinking binge is to toss you head first into a snow bank without any pants on. Between the cold and the embarrassment you'd sober up pretty darn quick - now that’s socialized medicine, your neighbors get to socialize about your shenanigans and give you a little bit of your own medicine over your Tom Foolery.

      Keep up the good work.
      You should be on the stage.
      First one out of town!

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      • To Adam,
        Apologies for going off topic, but how would like to join our H2H league next season? Some of the guys with whom you've chatted recently are on board (WildDingo, Punch are two you'd recognise), and thought you'd like a good, challenging, fun league to play in. If you are interested, please email me at: europebn@yahoo.ca with the subject: 'yahoo fantasy hockey 08/09'. We've set up a yahoo group and have had many discussions already so the interest is definitely there.
        Cheers, Brandon

    • I will be more than willing to dive right in to the hard stuff. At my bachelor party, I was told I took about 20 shots, I remember 9. But if I did get so sick I had to go to the ER, it would be free in Canada, ey? Bring me a shot!!

    • I’m just saying that anybody that drinks Miller Lite might need to start of easy with a couple of Prairie Shirley Temples. Hate to see you doubled over heaving after your first couple of pops up here in the Great White North – when ya can put Grandma under the table we’ll let you graduate to the good stuff.

    • So Canadians drink what old ladies drink? Dude, do you also drink fiber drinks and watch the Price is Right? hahaha....sorry, still have the bitter taste of defeat in my mouth. Or is that the 12 pack?

    • What you might need to try is some Rye and 7-Up, the Champagne of Saskatchewan. That’s what the tea-totteling Grandma’s like to sip on, goes down smooth with just a little burn.

      Throw in some perty girls, bad judgment and a guy in a Serge jacket wearing a hat made of moose and you have a good ol’ donnybrook at the local legion in Whitecourt Northern Alberta.

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