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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 13, 2008 9:14 AM Flag

    Worst refs in the history of sports

    every time a goal is reviewed and the devils are playing in that, game, the review ALWAYS goes in the favor of the other team. First, Devils are playing the Islanders. The Devils score but they say no goal since the net was dislodged. I mean come on, the one of the Islanders moved the net. Second, Devils playing the Rangers at the Garden. It is tied 2-2 with about five minutes left. The puck is in the crese when Nigel Dawes dives into the crese and knocks the puck in with his glove. Last time I checked, players are not allowed to be in the crese unless it is the goalie or a player who is on the goalies team to protect a goal from going in. Those two horrible calls have been happening to the devils for way too much time.


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