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  • chris chris Apr 11, 2008 10:04 PM Flag

    Worst refs in the history of sports

    The clowns refing the devils-rangers game must be retarded, or blind. They call BS penalties on the devs at the end of the game, yet the rangers get away with exactly the same thing 30 seconds later. then they mess up an icing call. how the hell can they call icing on a team thats shorthanded? morons, absolute morons. They even screwed up what was the devils true first goal. the puck is clearly under lundquivsts pad, which is in the net, yet by some logic the puck is not in the net. HELLO! a retarded 3 month old could figure that one out. I hope these clowns are fired, they don't deserve to ref a game, not even youth hockey.

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    • Worst? Doubt it. At least the crew got the job done on the review and gave the Devils the goal; the Predators should have had that goal against Detroit earlier. And Schaefer was slammed in the face with a high stick without a call.

      Keep the homerism down a little, huh? Mistakes are gonna happen.

    • How the hell is callahan not getting a penalty? he goes full speed into brodeur with obvious intent to injure. he deserves a damn suspension for that crap.

    • I spoke too soon there. The cock in this refs mouth must have blocked his vision. He gives a 2 min minor on a high stick where clarkson was clearly bleeding. The rules cleary state that if the player is bleeding it should be 4 minutes. This guy obviously has no clue.

      He did finally call that little prick avery for goalie inteference. it took him the 5 times to do it though.

      I hope Sutter complains to the NHL and gets these assclowns fired.

    • Refs finally made a call correctly. Ref waved off the goal saying brylin kicked it in. Reveiwed it and It was a goal!

      For the first time this eries these refs got a review right!

      Lets hope they can figure out how icing works this time.

    • Refs have been inconsistant all over the playoffs, id be pissed if i was a flyers fan... flyers were shorthanded, and thoreson takes a slap shot to the balls and does not get up (we all know how getting hit in the balls feels) the refs DO NOT blow the whistle to stop play for a good 20 sec leading to an easy now 5 on 3 game tying goal because of an injured player. these refs suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Could not have have said it better myself - to call a game that way it's an embarrasment to hockey especially in a play-off game.

    • Wow - that's harsh. People make mistakes. That even includes hockey officials from time to time. It even includes people like you and me, believe it or not.

      Being kind enough (and sensible enough) to believe that the officials are not missing things or making bad calls on purpose, one would have to accept that they're not perfect, but generally they're pretty good at doing what is a very difficult job to do.

      Have you ever reffed a game - even "youth hockey", etc.? It's not always easy, and you will ALWAYS have people who figure you did a terrible job and shouldn't be allowed back on the ice/ball diamond, etc. So think again before you write this kind of nonsense about highly trained and experienced professionals. Perhaps on occasion someone does a poor job. That doesn't mean they deserve to be treated so harshly.

      Also - for the respondent(s) who made allegations of collusion, etc. - there's no dark agenda amongst NHL officials, nor any conspiracy to eliminate a certain team through intentional favoritism - that's just crazy talk.

      As far as the disallowed goal is concerned, I didn't see the game - only briefly caught some highlights at the end of the night. Was it reviewed? If so, then the officials did their job completely because the decision would then have been made by the individuals who review the video and communicate their ruling to the on-ice officials. That "bad call", if in fact it was one, would therefore not be their responsibility, unless it was simply never reviewed.

    • I agree............i was so mad when they called the icing call when the devils were short-handed and parise got cross checked which should of been a penalty..........and the goal that was disallowed was a goal..........gay lundqvist knocked it out with the puck on his pads in the goal..........and have you noticed all year when the devils played the rangers, the refs called the game in the ranger's favor.........i think the rangers payed the refs..........LETS GO DEVILS-RANGERS SUCK.........and for sean avery, i can get a girl without paying them!!!!!!!

    • Give it a rest Ranger Fans. All of your good Forwards, Jagr,Gomez,Avery,Shanny,Drury and Straka were all FA signings or trades.
      And now all of a sudden the Rangers have adapted to playing the trap vs the Devils (and last week against the Penguins!)

      I'm convinced neither one of these 2 teams will win the Cup. Just not enough scoring and the D on each side are lacking in size IF they were to go up against SJ and the Ducks.

    • it's not any worse than it's been for the last 100 years. Since the beginning of time, people/fans/players/coaches/owners have been, and will always complain about the refs in nhl playoffs.

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