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  • angel78fire angel78fire Apr 7, 2008 6:12 PM Flag

    evidence of add/drop robbery...

    this is really frustrating me... my team was completely dominating this entire week.. but the guy i faced add/drops everyday just to fill his team, in the end i used a total of 15 players over 2 weeks, he used 32 players, doublt my team, and in the end he wins by 5 shots on goal!!! this is shit and i'm sure many of you have gone through this....
    this is probably a meaningless post but i just have to get this out there
    my team is leafs own, and normally i wouldn't me this upset, but when you lose, especially because it was for third, so i don't even get a top 3 finish. Plus the guy didn't do this at all during the season, but of course once playoff time comes people will do anythign to win an online hockey pool, it just really frustrates me..... and thanks for putting up with all i've said.

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    • dicck muffinn

    • Not only that but he beat you in PM by 8 only. What a Jack@@@

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      • I see that this topic is still kicking, and respondents are still resorting to name-calling. Classy.

        BB - I'm curious ... why exactly is an anonymous opponent who's just playing a game (albeit a little differently than you'd like to see it played, but still very much within the accepted rules of public play) a jack@@@?

        Oh well ... at least it's good to see that people aren't taking their fantasy sports too seriously.

    • I'd like to see a rule that the roster freezes for the playoffs. Maybe two alternates in case of injury. Other than that, freeze it. I lost 1st place 1st time out because of that too. Led by 7 the 1st week of finals, lost by 1 after the second week.

    • Okay, if I am looking at the right thing, you are Leafs Own, you went against Battery Chuckers. You got beat 8-1. He didn't just win by SOG. Also, you used 19, he used 23 players. You used 3 goalies, he used 4. I don't see your math of 15 players for you and 32 for him. Am I looking at the wrong thing? If not, you didn't get screwed by this guy stacking. Doesn't appear so. Sorry. He won.

    • Adding and dropping people in the way you describe is not robbery.....Just sour grapes on your part....

    • you got outplayed. (thats a period after that statement)

    • Well Mr. Light it looks to me that trading Sundin, Blake & Lunqvist for the soon to be injured Sid the Kid and Nick Kronwell is what Ham boned you in the end. I imagine the difference in points between the third placed Big Ham Gros Jambon and your team that fateful day in January and the final day of the bittersweet season was encompassed in that deal.

      I suspect that divine intervention was at the hands of the Hockey Gods as you turn-coated a pair of leafs for the second coming. Certainly intelligent design played no part in this.

      In all seriousness, as numerous posters have already stated, it's not against the rules but it still sucks. Having looked a little at your league I would say that some of your choices in trades were perhaps a little ambitious - it looked to me that you were far to often trading away solid 3/4 core guys totry and grab the 1/2 slam dunk - it didn't come to pass.

      As to the streaming thing, the interesting thing is that you were the fourth worst offender in add/drops & at least 30 players more than the 5th worst "streamer", the other wining GM's obviously adopted and employed more aggressively and successfully the same tactic that you were using all season. He who casts the first stone...

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      • Some things to say about what you said, Jay O.
        First off, streaming, as you call it, I was not a big part of. If you check all the transastions, of the last 25 none of them were by my team.
        Last move form my team was March 31, dropping Chris Neil for Markus Naslund. And correct me if I'm wrong but the last playoff matchup, takes place between Macrh 24- April 6.
        So i made 1 move throughtout the entire matchup.
        Whereas seeing my math is correct. From my one and only March 31 move, my opponent Big Ham made 16 moves.
        So you can call me the 4th most streamer in our league, but when only 4 of 12 teams made over 10 moves, very inactive league. It is kind of hard to have less than 10 moves all year, seeing as my opponent in one week already went over that.

        Sorry if you guys think I should learn to play by racing here every morning just to add/drop because apparently most of you seem to think that's the way its done. I couldn't live with myself that way, I'd rather win with my own team, on good trades, then sink to the level that other people do, (hence the jesus reference) especially for a fantasy hockey pool.

        One last thing:
        Normally like i said this would not bug me as much, as it's expected when you join a public league, there's always a guy like this, maybe 2-4 in each league.
        It's just that earlier in the season, near start of fantasy playoffs, March 23 to be exact. I left to message to the 4 guys that actually check our league, saying:
        "Also i think we should do this again next year, but not in public, theres too many people here that don't check there teams.
        I'd like to play a custome league with Puke, Battery and Big Ham, we all check our teams are active, and none of us abuse the unlimited max add/drop that you see many people do for h2h leagues.
        Does not matter whos comish, any of you can creat it let me know if your all interested, and we can get in touch closer to the start of next season.

        You tell them all you liek playing with them because they do not abuse the add/drop system, but in the end, you can even check the add/drop for our league, everyone one of them added and dropped each day.

        Lol, this is long. But last topic.
        I was wondering what trades you were talking about that i made that were bad? I agree with the crosby, sundin trade, but besides that I think that every trade was very good to my team.

        Thanks, looking forward to hearing your opinions Jay O.

    • cont.'d from last post ...

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – complaining about gamesmanship that has been proven effective, at least by some, would have meant complaining that Gretzky shouldn’t have been allowed to go behind the opposition goal and set up thousands of goals because it’s unconventional to play from that position … in fact – it’s “unfair” (now it’s an accepted part of the game, and many players do it). Neither should Wilt Chamberlain have been allowed to ever dunk a basketball. It’s not the way Naismith ever envisioned the game being played. It’s unconventional. It might have even been “unfair” at the time, but can any of us imagine today’s NBA without dunks as an integral part of the game? Not only have they become just that – an integral part of the game – but they’re the highlight of the annual all-star skills competition.

      So thank goodness for gamesmanship. It helps to improve the games we play.

      P.S. Anyone wanting to play no-dunk ball certainly has the right to do so … just don’t expect to find what you’re looking for in a public league. You’re probably going to have to form your own.

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      • totally agree with puckhog

        there's no point whining about it.. if you think adding/dropping players is an unfair exploit then change the rules to stop it.. lobby yahoo or w/e u have to do.


        and even if you can't change the rules, do realize that that only thing stopping you from adding/dropping players yourself is well, you.

    • There seem to be a lot of people who are complaining about this particular issue. In fact, there have been many different threads on the same topic. Frankly - a lot of the complaining takes me back to my junior high or even elementary school days, when certain kids used to complain that "this isn't fair" or "that isn't fair" or "I don't like that because I didn't win", etc.

      In my ROT league (public), the GM who won streamed all season long and only beat me by 2.5 points in the end (I was 2nd, but felt I had the better roster all season long - even if the stats at the end didn't show it). Guess what? I didn’t win. Am I frustrated? Not at all. Am I stewing about it and insisting in my heart that I actually won - not him - because I won’t acknowledge his victory? I should hope not. It's FANTASY hockey - not real NHL hockey that we're managing here. So if I want to be a purist, I'm welcome to do so, as many have pointed out, and can join a custom league with likeminded individuals if I prefer. However, if I join a public league, I do so knowing that there is a strong chance that some will play this way. So be it. It's just a game, and some might argue that streaming is the "game within the game". On that level, I have to tip my cap to anyone who does it well enough to win and not blow up on account of mismanaging his or her streaming approach.

      In my H2H league (also public), I intended from the beginning of the season to stream, come playoffs, but not before. H2H play is a whole different game - ESPECIALLY in the playoffs. Failure to recognize that - apart from any purity-based argument - is just weak management.

      To begin with, you need a strong roster throughout the regular season to make it to the championship playoffs. If you draft well, and build carefully, you shouldn’t take too many risks pre-playoffs, so streaming’s generally not a good strategy during the regular season. For me, the reason that’s probably the most compelling is that the season is long, and streaming is like day-trading stocks. The player is usually much better off settling into a long-term strategy that will promote success over the course of the season – like saving/investing for retirement throughout your lifetime. However, once the playoffs arrive, your "investment" strategy should focus more on short-term productivity and potential rather than anything long-term or which looks in the rear-view mirror to determine the potential success of what lies ahead. You haven’t got that kind of time for things to shape up, and you SHOULD begin to adjust your portfolio accordingly.

      To say, for instance, “this guy has been one of my top guys all season – why would I drop him now”, and thus hang onto him, is just poor strategy if he hasn’t been producing for some time, or he’s not going to play for 5 days in a row. Again – by this late stage of the season, you haven’t got the luxury of that much time. A person who’s only got six months to live shouldn’t invest in something that’s going to take many years to develop, just as a person who’s only got 6 hours to live shouldn’t buy green bananas. Winning strategies, as long as they’re in no way unethical, should be commended – not criticized. Those, like yourself, who complain about the tactics employed by others to win – without cheating in any way, have perhaps just not awakened to this reality as yet.

      cont.'d next post

    • Haha you got owned!!!

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