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  • adam67ca adam67ca Apr 6, 2008 1:34 AM Flag

    Coach-of-the-Year; Paul Maurice

    Paul Maurice gets my "Star of Excellance".award.He has the most difficult job in the NHL,(coaching the Leafs) and comes to the rink every game with a positive
    attitude. His dedication will likely be rewarded with
    dismissal. If only the Leafs would show consistant
    effort they just might enjoy a playoff series in the
    near future.(say 2008-2009)
    Maybe,just maybe, the next season will have far
    fewer injuries so the team can have one less excuse
    for mediocre play. Onward and UP the standings.

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    • haha, you make me laugh. i know that seems ignorant, but to be honest i generally have respect for fans of other fans, Leaf, Bruin, and Sens fans included (i'm a Habs fan).

      don't you think that Guy Carbonneau had a better turnaround? going from 10th place last year to 1st in the conference? or what about Washington's Bruce Boudreau? or Randy Carlyle, for keeping his team in the think of things half-way through the year without Selanne and S.Niedermayer.

      i think Paul Maurice is an excellent coach. i would have no problem with him being the Habs' coach, i've always admired him, but of course it's Carbonneau now and he's doing great. my point is the only thing Maurice and Carbo have in common are the two biggest hockey markets in North America, perhaps even the world. I won't get into an argument over who has the hardest time and hardest market and blah blah blah becauseh clearly both teams fall under the radar of "crazy, obssessed, unnatural" fans, which is fine.

      i just don't think it's fair for you to say that Maurice deserves it for working in Toronto, while Carbonneau lives in the same situation, plus has to deal in two languages, and his team is at the top of the Eastern standings, while Maurice's team is not. i hope that the Maple Leafs keep Maurice. he's a great coach and can help the team, but i think that your comments are a little off. i just re-read your e-mail and realized you weren't talking about the Jack Adams trophy. my bad. but anyways, i think you understand what i'm saying.

    • This guys on crack + pot, His team came in what place out of 15 teams? bad coaching.

      Top two Coaches
      Washington's Coach
      Hab's Coach

    • Sorry I have not replied to all you Leaf Lovers. System has been on the fritz since last evening. I must admit,
      the replies overall surprised me. Considering my post was a mainly a tongue-in-cheek effort, I really expected
      more venom and hatchet work. While I agree our Capital coach ranks very high on the awards list, how about another round of applause for the Red Wings leader!!
      Montreal has surprised all with their effort. They are most certainly a TEAM. Not a lot of super-heroes on that squad.

    • leafs sucks.. habs 1st!!

    • I will pitch in from my early posting and pick Bruce from the Caps. I am not a Caps fan, Devils. But the Caps went form the worst team in the league, to first place!! I pick Bruce.

    • no he doesn't have the most difficult job in the NHL.

      don't lie to yourself.

      inf act, everybody this year expected the team to tank. Paul reached expectations.

      All canadian teams have a harsh environment.

      Get it out of your head that Toronto is somehow king of the valley.

    • Sorry Adam, I'll have to disagree.

      Although your dedication and conviction to your team is honorable, I am afraid your vision is a little skewed. By that logic he would be sharing the title with Alain Vigneault or Jacques Martin, he only had to deal with a star player nearly getting his head chopped off.

      On the Basis of overcoming adversity and achieving beyond all expectations the coaches for the Capitals, Penguins and Montreal are probably in the lead followed by Bruins & Avalanche. Joel Quennville certainly doesn't seem to be getting the recognition he deserves - but I think Boudreau with Washington is the best choice.

      Seeing how Paul Maurice will probably be looking for a new gig soon, maybe you can root for him and his new team next year - or stick with the tried and true blue.

    • horrible team...at the core several selfish old men who refused to be dealt to help the leafs rebuild.....if i was an old player on my last legs i would want to be in toronto as well....never any pressure to win and they overpay for everybody....it's a dream come true for washed up players

    • Aside from tonight's game, they had the Habs # all year... They have some good young talent.. Go with it.. Too bad Sundin wouldn't leave to set a future... And Mcabe.... I'd keep Kaberle, Stajan, Steen, Tjlusty... you get my point... And Maurice...

    • alot of people will disagree but they are just leaf haters

      gotta give some credit to that guy in washington though


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