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    Best move of the season?

    Now that the season is coming to an end (although there are still many battles still going on), I'm interested to see what moves anybody made that they were extremely proud of, or that paid large dividends. I'll start.

    In my roto league that I'm about to win (up about 15 points), I capitalized on Backstrom's (G - MIN) hot start (2 SHO in the first two games or so), and traded him and Saku Koivu for Nabokov and Justin Williams.....Nabokov was my only real goalie for the whole year, and the koivu was better than injured williams, but that didn't really hurt me. In another league (looks like 2nd is the best I'll do), picking up Kovalev was HUGE...I'm sure many people can say the same.

    Anybody else have any noteworthy moves that they liked??? I'm sure there are plenty of people who thrived by adding Pascal LeClaire or Martin Gerber (at least at the beginning of the year)

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    • at the trade deadline i trade turco selanne kariya savard and green for lundqvist lecalvier d. sedin homstrom and rafalski.... im now playing him in the championship and savard is out kariya hasnt had a point in like 15 games and i dropped holmstrom for carcillo and im winning 8-2 rite now

    • My best 2 moves would have been Holmstrom for Phaneuf right after his strong start of the season. I had a great forward line and was hurting on defence which Phaneuf solidified for me. My next best move was my Heatly & Patrice Bergeron for Nabokov & Briere. Nabokov really helped my goalie situation at the start of the year. Bergeron was injured the next game and Heatly went out for a while as well. Picking up Conklin from day 1 & grabbing Fleury from the FA list has also helped my team.

    • dood first I was gonna make fun of you and ask if you wanted a cookie or a .99 cent trophy but I read your "awesome" moves, sorry man but your "awesome" moves kind of sucked, they werent even that huge of deals, if you think that was awesome then all my moves would have made you want to lick my balls
      I grabbed Plekanec out of FA begging of season too and Pascal Leclaire and traded paul statsny for gaborik and same day trade finalized paul went in for surgery and 100 other awesome shit

    • picking up pascal leclaire in free agency after his first shutout, and then trading away cambell and perry for iginla, no more than a week before corey perry got hurt

    • traded vanek for nash before the season started...i picked up ribiero mike richards sharp bryzgalov and brad boyes(38 goals) up off free agent list

    • Traded alfredson for malkin after alfie's 7 point night. Since the trade, malkin has gotten roughly 40 more points then alfie.

      I also picked up leclaire near the start of the season.

      In finals of h2h now:)

    • my best moves include drafting ribeiro in the 17th round, picking up plekanec and bryzgalov and trading Arnott, Toews and Umberger for Ovenchkin

    • I get Hasek from free agent and I trade Lecavalier, markov and huselius(mine) for Ovechkin, Cambel and Datsuk. =-)

    • got ribiero, stillman,bryzgalov, gomez, sharp as FA early eason after a bad auto pick draft... won the selanne and neids sweepstakes aswell

      10 team roto, 14 dressed skaters, 2 dressed goalies, 4 bench

      somebody dropped dipeitro, grabbed him and traded him and jokinen for datsuyk and homlstrom

      picked up gerber first day , later traded gerber (12 wins at the time) for hossa (5 points at the time)

    • This one's funny:

      I traded Schneider + Huselius (when he was smokin hot) for Lidstrom + Plekanec (before he really started to put up points). Huselius went ice cold right after I traded him, while Lidstrom and Plekanec were solid. About a month later I offered the same guy Lidstrom + Vanek for Mike Green + Derek Roy - and then Lidstrom got injured a few days later!!! I originally offered this trade just because I felt bad about the other deal being so lopsided, and wanted to even things out a bit (we're friends) but I ended up getting the better deal on the second one too!

      Oh, and my best FA pickups were Mike Richards and Alex Kovalev early this season. Also Burns and Kronwall were surprisingly consistent this year.

      Lots of other good moves have me 700+ points ahead in my league. Needless to say it's been lots of fun.

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