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    Is making moves during the playoffs fair?

    How is your league set up? Should you be able to make a move if one of your guys gets hurt? Should you be able to drop half your team before the last day to pick up scrubs that will play on the final day? Please discuss.

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    • Yeah, I probably wasn't very clear, I was talking more about the concept of a transaction limit where for the most part you stick with your team and make moves to replace players that are injured or that suck and not just to stack your lineup everyday. So then your free agent moves are based on picking up players for a slightly longer period of time than one day.

    • Last week being the no 1 seed I faced off against no4. Saturday evening it was a very close matchup leaving sunday the deciding factor. I was fairly confident that I would take it seeing I had 4 players to his 1 and the categories to decide were pts and sog.

      I woke up sunday and noticed late saturday night he dropped like 5 or 6 players that did not have sunday games and picked up guys who did. In the end I lost a close matchup in a very cheap manner.

      I believe that anyone with IR or DTD players may drop them during playoffs time and pick up FA.

      For NO OTHER reason should it be allowed!!!!!

      Doesn't make for a great end of the year to be screwed in the end.

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      • Sorry Josh, but you are wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what he did. It's totally within the rules, and is an excellent strategy. It's like when a team pulls their goalie late in the third period, ties the game up and then wins in overtime. You wouldn't complain about that, would you? No. It's a desperation strategy, and it obviously worked. While it sucks to be on the losing end, you have no right to complain about being "screwed" in a "very cheap manner" . It's part of the game in daily H2H leagues. Next year, join a weekly league.

    • Most leagues I'm in have a 2 transaction limit for every week!

    • It all depends on how your league is set up. I instituted a rule at the beginning of the season that free agent moves were acceptable, with no cap on the number, as long as no one was making them to load up on active players on a given day -- especially during the playoffs. My thinking was, let's win or lose with the team that got us there in the first place. I think that at any time during the season or postseason, if a player gets injured, you should be allowed to replace him, no questions asked. But trying to win a playoff game by dropping and adding to field more active players than your opponent is a lame strategy. What's the point of carefully and thoughtfully managing your team for the whole season, getting into the playoffs, and then losing to some schmuck who dumps half his team every day to field a new bunch of players, just to stack the odds in his favor? Even if they're scrubs, they're still going to produce some points. That's a lame way to win your league, in my opinion, and defeats the purpose of playing in the first place.

    • Hmmm...

      This thread isn't going away.

      OK then. I'll just jump in and say that IMO H2H leagues are better with a move limit. Makes it less robotic.

      But Yahoo states in its rules...


      "If a manager chooses to add/drop players on a daily basis in order to maximize their totals, this does not represent a violation of league rules or fair play guidelines."

      So there you have it.

      Which means, if you don't like it, don't play in Public H2H leagues. Set up or join a league with a move limit. And if you are a commissioner, make sure you let everyone know which set up you prefer and either use the default system or set a move limit.

    • I think these kinds of posts are funny because the rest of the league can benefit by picking off the good players the guy is constantly dropping until he's stuck with a bunch of 2nd or 3rd tier guys.

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      • True, but in most public leagues there's some fairly decent players available on a regular basis. And 2nd/3rd tier players can come through every once a while, I just won my match last week thanks to Adam Burish and D.J. King scoring their second and third goals of the season respectively. :P

    • Your never with the exact same team you began with. I lost Boyle before the season even began and Marc Andre Fleury a few weeks later. You use the waiver wire and deal with it.

    • Totally. Adding FA's so that you have people to fill in the empty roster slots is all part of the game and the challenge. You need to be quick to pick up the good free agents and it makes the league more active and competitive. Screw all the whiners about having to keep the same team. Unless it is a rule made prior to the beginning of the league, then you should be able to add or drop as many players as the game allows you to. As already stated this is FANTASY hockey, not the NHL.

    • Ok, I suppose if the commissioner had said he would do this, it's not B.S. However, did everyone in the league agree to this rule change? If not, it is a breach of the commissioner's powers. Any changes to the rules after the season starts MUST be agreed to by ALL managers, no exceptions. So if he simply "requested" that nobody make moves during the playoffs, then this is not enough to justify freezing the rosters. The commissioner is there to represent all managers fairly, not to impose his own will, or even the will of the majority, on everyone.

      Also, I disagree with your statement that "everyone knows the general reason for playing fantasy sports and how to play with some honor". Firstly, the general reason for playing fantasy sports is two-fold, in my opinion; 1) to have fun and 2) to win. Everyone's idea of "fun" is different - for some it means checking their league daily, or multiple times daily, and making lots of moves (which I admit can sometimes be excessive...this coming from a fantasy hockey junkie), Other people just like to draft a team and keep it for the whole season, and see who drafted the best (zzzzz....). The thing with online fantasy sites like Yahoo is that it favors the people who like to tweak their rosters a lot - because it's so easy to do!
      Secondly, the idea of "playing with honor" is highly subjective. To me, rotating FA into your lineup on gamedays is not dishonorable. It's fun! Just because it "takes the fun out of it" for you doesn't mean it's like that for others. And it can directly contribute to that other reason to play fantasy sports, that is, to win.
      To me, dishonourable conduct means that you make moves to help other teams, or simply to hinder other teams without helping your own (i.e. picking up players one day and dropping them the next just so they go on waivers and are unavailable for that day). Anything you do WITHIN the rules to help your own team is fair play. Yahoo is set up that you can't really break the rules to help yourself.

      I agree that some people can get carried away with roster moves, which is why I do advocate for a season limit on roster moves. That way, there is more strategy involved and it makes it more fair for those managers who don't have time to check their leagues as often as others. But if you join a league that has unlimited moves, you have no right to complain about those managers who chose to take advantage of this. It is wrong to say that they are "taking the fun out of it" or playing dishonorably. If that's not your style, join a private league with custom settings.

      Anyways this is a very interesting discussion and I encourage everyone to get involved, and respectfully express their opinions.

    • With regards to time it probably really only takes about 10-15 minutes to take a really good look at some good available free agents, there's just a sense in which it feels really cheap when a guy drops 3-4 players, and then the next day drops those players for another 3-4 players, etc. Like I said, I took advantage of the ability to add/drop to regain the lead in my matchup today but I do almost feel a little cheap for doing it.

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