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    Newbies!!! Was it fun?

    I gotta ask this question! If it was your first time playing fantasy hockey, was it a blast or what?

    Back in early Sept last year, my buddy at work who has played fantasy everything, except hockey, said "who's in for fantasy hockey this year?" Since hockey has been my religion since the age of 12... I was in! We quickly formed a 10 team private points league of all newbies!

    I am a 33 yr old father of 3 - but it was like I was 12 all over again.

    I took in every hockey article I could read!
    I studied the game like I was learning it all over again!
    I talked smack all season (smack provided endless laughs all season)!
    Built closer relationships with my co workers!
    I found myself rushing home from work sometimes to set my lineup!
    Spent hours trying to put together trades that benefited both teams!
    Talked hockey on the phone late into the night with other team owners!
    I got incredibily lucky in the draft and got Ovechkin! (What a ride it has been watching this kid become maybe one of the greatest hockey players ever!)
    And last but not least...as of today, I have a 180 pt lead and the season is coming to a end. This has been awesome!

    This list could go on forever, but I don't want to bore everyone.


    I'm sure there are others who have had a blast! Share your story!

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    • only a couple days left in the season (for pts leauges) any newbies gonna win it all? Any neck and neck's that will go to the very end?

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      • I had four leagues going and finished 5th in my H2H league and am in first in all three of my other leagues. One of them was a TOTAL joke. Since it was my first year, I got the last one in late and it only had six teams. The commish that set up the league gave a full point for EVERY save. I didnt even notice it when we drafted and I was screwed with only two goalies. Over the course of the first couple weeks I got a couple more that were not on the radar early and then I think three teams just quit at about the half way point. Im winning by nearly 2000 points now.....sad.

        The other two are much tighter and are still to be determined. There is a good chance i'm going to lose my 50 point lead in one league because I'm maxed except for D-men and goalie, so I gotta hope for a few points to hold off second place. The other league I'm leading by 80 points with Friday to Sunday still to be determined. I should be able to hold off on that one.....I was 200 points back with four weeks left but there is a chance of alot of points so its not locked up yet.

        I'll take 3 of 4, for my first year on fantasy.

      • Newbie here... just opened my league this morning and have a 107 pt lead.... great fun and glad i was asked to join a league.... will be a hardcore fantasy hockey participant for life!. lol

      • Im a second year hockey player. Last season, as a newbie, I won the regular season, and lost out in the finals. This year I placed 3rd in the reg season, and Im going into the final weekend of my finals. Im about to cry though.....My league is one where you have to set your rosters on Sunday, for the week. I have Mark Streit who tore it up for me all season, but had to put him on my bench out of lack of information regarding his foot injury, but he has played all both Hab games this week, and got 2 PP Assists. Secondly I have Mike Ribero who didnt play lastnight, and there are doubts he will play all weekend, and he;s having a "career year". The worst part of all of it, is Alfredson (who I hate in real life, as Im a Leaf fan, but love him in the fantasy world, he's one of my 3 keepers) he's done for 3 weeks or something, thanks to Mark Bell, who ironicly is a Leaf, who nailed him hard lastnight.
        Im going to be biting my nails until the last whistle blows on Sunday....Im starting to feel like The Buffalo Bills!

    • i was completely clueless for the first 4/5 of the season...
      missed out on ribeiro, m richards and the list goes on
      used my #1 waiver on marleau..

      i'm sitting 10 behind first, at #3 though..

      next year i'll win my public pool. most definitely

    • It was my first year playing and even thou I finished 7th in my league it was still really fun. Best fantasy sport ever.

    • Another Newbie here!! 26 years old and this fantasy hockey might just get me divorced!! lol....Not much about the game i don't know, played competitive hockey myself. I have helped a few local coaches evaluate players in training camps, so im kind of a rink rat as it is, but i can't believe how sweet this fantasy hockey is... i should win my 10 team roto..... i know i know all you Fantasy vets out there...... its just roto, but i never even knew there was such thing as H2H until i started and still don't know much about it.... i was just asked to come in this one...(i would like to learn the H2H style as well and play it) I'm an annual subscriber to NHL Center Ice and it's the only channel i would need to be happy, my buddys think its retarded how i know dam near every player on each team and their number as well as many of their minor leaugers but i seriously can't get enough of the game. Great to hear all the stories floatin around in here and to see just how many people of all ages are so passionate about the game...love it!....I just feel for some of the Non-Canadians in here that will not get to see like every NHL playoff game beacause of the NBA/NCAA playoffs that take over American T.V........how do you guys get by?????? J/K.....anyways, good stuff good luck to everyone in their playoffs and next years drafts!....i gotta go figure out who i want to load up on for my playoff elimination drafts.....later

    • FINALLY! I posting that makes you go "Hmmmmmmmmmm!"
      This is my second year of fantasy hockey. For about two years my friends were trying to convince me to try it and play with them. I kindly refused, then last year, I gave in and joint. Let me tell you... I thought I was a "real" hockey fan, but I was wrong. I soon found myself trying to catch highlights from teams that are not even on my side of the continent. I found myself laughing at the the smack talk I was reading... My wife even noticed that I was "really into this hockey business". My kids began to cheer whenever "anyone" scored because that made Daddy happy. I think fantasy sports, has revolutionized the true Sport fan. Thank you for recognizing that this is important and to share the experience.

      Like a great man once said... "HELLO HOCKEY FANS!!!"

    • This is my second year of fantasy hockey..........I have never watched a complete game of hockey in 10 years........I like fantasy hockey and I have done well in it, even though, not interested in the game , but the players and stats intrigue me.......This is one of my favorites so far..........Hockey players are not little girls about injuries like in most sports........The funny thing is that football is the only sport i have a passion for and it is my worst fantasy sport...........lol.........

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    • I apologize, because I know many think it is rude to BUMP....but there has gotta be more newbies that had a great time this season!

    • Glad to hear from the successful newbs.

      But there's lots to be said for average teams too. That's where you learn from your mistakes.

      My first 2 seasons of fantasy hockey were done on a friend's computer. I didn't even own one!

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      • I must admit as a newb and a sports hating girl....I got sucked in to this by a guy I like and even though yahoo drafted me a sucky team because I had no clue and was intimidated. I got lucky with Luongo and Giguere as my goalies. I agree though it became an obsession. I was all over the net looking at stats. I ordered stat tracker after about the second week. I even finally watched the center ice package I was paying for- for years- for friends and family but not me. And low and behold i'm already deciding who i'm going after in the draft next year and watching every game that comes across my center ice screen. His enthusiasm for the game and my competitive nature in other things turned a hater into a hockey lover. I'm gonna try baseball next lol. I ended up 3rd in my hockey league with a sucky yahoo draft and tons of transactions but I had to work hard for it and I'm Still in there. We didn't have a lot of smack talk in our league but just the time consumed studying it was worth it for me and tons of fun and hours of discussion between me and my new man....Hey wives give it a try you might end up liking it!

    • Yea im a newbie too. I love hockey, I watch games whenever there on channels i have. I was a fun year, I made it to the first round of the playoffs but lost due to 3 injuried players...But its so much fun, and im gunna keep playing!

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