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  • WoolyMammoth WoolyMammoth Mar 15, 2008 7:57 AM Flag

    Better Goalie: Brodeur or Hasek???

    Who do you think, looking at their careers, was/is the better goalie?? Who would you rather have playing on your team?

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    • Is this seriously a topic??? Listen, I am a huge Roy fan...even I respect the great ability of Brodeur....anyone who knows hockey cannot even reasonably argue this. Hasek is a good tender, don't get me wrong. There is just no way that you can put him on the same level. There are good players, and there are great players. Yes, Hasek won 6 vezina trophies. I just have a hard time seeing how a record of 384-221-82-13 can compare with a career record of 534-285-105-19. You can talk about save percentage all you want, but Hasek played for Detroit. That's like cheating. Hasek has been sharing time with Osgood...Brodeur is the main man. And this isn't a new development. Let's remember that not too long ago Hasek was sent to the minors while Legace was playing. On top of that, look how many games each goalie played each season. Hasek does not even compare.

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      • playing "devils" advocate here , you are comparing OLD Hasek to Brodeur.

        Lets just say that both goalies in their prime were easily in the top 5 of goalies all time. Remember Hasek played the bulk of his career with a Buffalo team that wasnt overly talented, he dragged their asses to the finals in '99.

        And I say this as a person who really cant stand Hasek as a person. Everything I've ever seen of him in real life, albeit throught the media, makes him look like a selfish moron.

        I would take Brodeur over Hasek, but in their primes both were right there with Roy , Plante, Dryden and Sawchuk as the best to ever play the position

    • brodeur been better for longer.. in the end he'll go down as the greatest goalie of all time

    • Absolutley Brodeur.

      Floppin' Domenic Hasek is nothing but luck. He has good numbers but he is absolutley the luckiest goaltender in the world. I have seen him many times lying flat on his back in his goalcrease, looking behind him in the net for the puck, happen to lift a leg up and have the puck hit him in the leg from the point or somewhere else! He didn't even know where the puck was. How could he plan a save like that? He was looking in the opposite direction. He makes so many great saves like this and they are all fluke! ALL FLUKE! I am not overlooking his numbers. He has great numbers. He also has a horse-shoe wedged up his ass! He doesn't have a clue! Only luck! He is not the greatest of all time. He is the luckiest of all time! Hasek sucks and always has sucked. The only great thing about him is his ego! Not only is Brodeur the greatest goaltender in the game today, I would take Brodeur on his worst day over Hasek!

    • Brodeur!!!!!!! WTF kind of question is this? Then..... who's better Brodeur or Roy? Even though I f-n hate tha Av's Roy was best goalie ever to play the came. Plus he has 2 stanley cup rings stuck in his ears and one probably somewhere else, lol.....

    • Hasek--if I was on crack. Wise up. Brodeur might be the best goalie of the last 20 years save Roy.

    • Brodeur without question.

    • Hasek is the best goalie. He didn't play on the best teams and came to the NHL after several seasons in Europe. I would pick Hasek in his prime over Brodeur anytime.

    • Brodeur.....

    • I would rather have Ed Belfour......Hasek wines and Brodeur cheats on his wife. Belfour just worked hard his whole career and had fun...sometimes too much fun. Sucks he played for crappy teams his whole career except for when he was in Dallas.

      My view is slanted being a stars fan.

      I would go with Brodeur though.

    • Brodeur has had the luxury of playing on the Devils his whole career, a team with one of the most solid defensive systems in place in nhl history. Hasek is the better goalie, as he can win games by standing on his head. Brodeur is amazing but if you put Brodeur on any other team he would struggle mightily. When Hasek is on he is better, but Brodeur is way more consistent so it is a tough argument.

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      • You can't discredit Brodeur because of the team that he has been on, if the Devils have such a great defensive system, which they do, why don't other teams just copy it? We are talking about a complete change of scenery over the years for him as well playing with a wide variety of talent, but HIS talent is the one that enables that defensive system to work. There are often times where the defense doesn't work as well, but you can't deny the fact that he has consistently throughout his career maintained a high SAV%, a low GAA, and has the rings to show for it as well, plus a large amount of shutouts.

        Hasek is good as well, but is probably a few notches below Brodeur who is only slightly below Roy.

        Belfour on the other hand is a decent goalie, but is a flopper...if you wait for him to make the move you can pop it over him just about every time, just ask the Pens during the 91-92 playoffs for the cup!

      • If you couldn't guess by the name, I am a Devils fan, so therefore, I am a bit slanted in my opinion.

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