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    What To Do With Naslund?

    Markus Naslund is rapidly becomning dead weight on my team. Lately, his only contribution has been shots on goal. Otherwise, he has been a detriment. In his last 10 games, he has one assist (on the power play) and a -5 rating. Fortunately, I'm the #1 seed and am able to wait until next week to figure out what I should do with him. Should I hang onto him and hope he heats up or drop him for someone more useful? Here are some notable FAs in my league who would most likely be more useful. Feel free to chime in with any suggestions as I am all ears (or eyes, in this case):

    Peter Forsberg
    Mikael Samuelsson
    Daniel Carcillo
    Saku Koivu
    Radim Vrbata
    Alex Burrows
    Andrew Ladd
    Michel Ouellet
    Scott Walker
    Alexander Steen

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    • Drop him, I'm a Canucks fan and I'd drop him. He's on the 2nd PP unit now (NOT with the Sedin's) as well as he's off the Sedin line at 5 on 5 and playing on the 3rd line.

      I would pick up R.Vrbata (Especially if you have SHP and/or PPP)
      Forsberg wouldn't be too bad either, should be back this weekend or early next week, and with Sakic rolling, Forsberg will be putting up lots of points!

    • definitely drop naslund, vancouver doesn't score enough goals to warrent keeping him. If you need PIM look to pick up burrows or walker, who get lots of PIM and points. also check out koivu who is on fire with montreal lately and ouellet who is getting time with lecavieler and st. louis. Tampa has the easiest schedual in the nhl for the last few weeks of the season playing lots of games against florida, atlanta, carolina...etc which should make for lots of offence from tampa

    • I have Naslund too. But I'm holding off. It's not just him, it's also the Sedin Twins.

      In their last...10 games, I think it is, they have combined for 1 goal, and 9 assists..........COMBINED. So its' not just him. They are bound to turn it around, and will probably be reunited. He had 7 shots on goal last night, and forced 2 turn overs. He's still playing good, just one of these days the bounces will start going on. I would say don't give up on him. I won't - unless I have to!

    • its tough to grab forsberg because he hasnt played much yet. but hes still awesome and when he plays (eventually) hes still the same guy he always has been

    • keep him until u need to drop him when your in the playoff next week. I have naslund too and he is due to rebound...especially when vancouver needs to win games.

    • Personally, I'd drop him for Forsberg. Forsberg is an injury risk, of course, but when he's in there he's productive, unlike Naslund. Forsberg will likely be back in action by next week, so it's all good with the bye. And if he gets hurt again, just drop him and pick someone else up, but if not you've got yourself a healthy Peter Forsberg. Vancouver is one of those teams I just stay away from. You got Luongo and the Sedin twins, other than that the roster is pretty useless in terms of fantasy. It's hard to pull the trigger and drop a guy like Naslund but it's playoff time - got to make the tough decisions.

    • If you need PIM's, Carcillo. I picked him up in a different league for that. He should be back tonight. If you want a good combo of everything, Koivu. Picked him up a couple of weeks ago and have been very happy!

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      • I thought about grabbing Carcillo, but I already have Avery and Phaneuf as my main PIM contributors. I guess it couldn't hurt to add some more, though. I already have Plekanec as one of my centers, so grabbing Koivu probably wouldn't be wise. Here's my team.

        C: Plekanec, Prospal, B. Richards
        LW: Malkin, Avery, Naslund
        RW: Zherdev, Selanne, Sharp
        D: Phaneuf, Green, Niedermayer
        G: Giguere, Leclaire, Hasek, Fleury

    • id say to pick up Carcillo, if your in need of PIM...


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