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  • angel78fire angel78fire Mar 10, 2008 9:31 PM Flag

    not liking h2h, anymore...

    all in all i have to say h2h is more fun then a roto style league in my opinion, easier to manage and you get points and round just better to focus week by week then in total

    but now that its the playoffs im thinking its not good how the playoffs are set up....
    it sucks that the h2h playoffs start at the end of the season, cuz all the good teams that are guaranteed to make the playoffs bencg there good players at the end of the season for some rest or to save injuries...
    so guys on my team like brodeur, might not play the last few games, which sucks when a goalie like him can really make a difference...

    guess im just wondering if theres any better way to set up the playoffs... probably not...
    oh well good luck to everyone else in there pools

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    • that does suck. Thats why i stock up my team with players that are making a playoff push. I usually try to get people that are the superstars on mediocre teams, because for their team to make the playoffs, they have to put in their superstars more so they can produce a lot every game. good luck man...

    • I wouldn't worry so much this year about it considering how tight the races are. Pretty much every game is meaningful to most teams.

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      • I wouldn't be nearly as satisfied playing any other format other than Head to Head.

        The dynamics are incredible with the Head to Head matches, but especially in the deeper leagues.

        From the Draft on...everything changes! You take the best available goaltending combinations...evaluating the playoff matchups...yes, looking that deeply into the NHL schedule. Looking for alternating goalie schedules IE not drafting 4 goalies that all go on Tuesdays...getting A goalie that runs a lot of Sundays, Wednesdays, etc. Look at number of games per week for all the skaters vs. goalies...and trade accordingly...

        For instance, this year, Dallas is DEATH! The first two weeks of the playoffs, you have only 2 games EACH for Dallas...If you've got the likes of Ribeiro, you'd have traded him just at the deadline for a player of similar #'s or slightly less but with an upside, either scheduling wise or ...and get 4 games played that week instead!

        The stragegy angles for head to head BLOW away that of Roto...and the stress, the nailbiting matchups make it far more exhilarating. Hands down, the best format that I've ever played. Especially if you have the honor of playing with superbly talented players as I have...makes the thrill that much more superior.


    • I agree. The playoffs in all fantasy sports should start a week earlier so that all playoff games are done before the last week of the regular season.

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      • I disagree.

        There are going to be lots of players that may get some rest before the playoffs. So much so, that it should evenly affect everyone. Everyone is in the same boat.

        Not worth killing a week of fantasy fun.

        Besides, Brodeur gets to play WAY more for you than your average goalie. Don't see you complaining about that. Give and take, man.

    • If that is something that you worry about, then before trade deadline approaches and you fear having such a player like that, they will make great trade bait for a player that is still in the thick of the playoff hunt, and who will most likely play more games, meaningful ones too boot. There are way to address it, you just need to put some thought into it instead of worrying about things you can't control.

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      • true, i guess im kinda worried in a 12 team h2h league i finished in 3rd place, 2 points back of 2nd and the 2nd place team was 1 point back of 1st, very close race down the stretch... sucks that i didnt end up with a bye first round playoffs, should be a good playoffs in this league
        but yes i am worried that if brodeur doesnt start my goal stats suck, and goal stats count for about 50% of the cats, other 2 goalies are ward and huet, huets pretty good but ward is really inconsistent
        like i said i guess there is really nothing you can do, good luck to everyone


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