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  • Hook Hook Mar 12, 2008 2:48 AM Flag

    not liking h2h, anymore...

    I wouldn't be nearly as satisfied playing any other format other than Head to Head.

    The dynamics are incredible with the Head to Head matches, but especially in the deeper leagues.

    From the Draft on...everything changes! You take the best available goaltending combinations...evaluating the playoff matchups...yes, looking that deeply into the NHL schedule. Looking for alternating goalie schedules IE not drafting 4 goalies that all go on Tuesdays...getting A goalie that runs a lot of Sundays, Wednesdays, etc. Look at number of games per week for all the skaters vs. goalies...and trade accordingly...

    For instance, this year, Dallas is DEATH! The first two weeks of the playoffs, you have only 2 games EACH for Dallas...If you've got the likes of Ribeiro, you'd have traded him just at the deadline for a player of similar #'s or slightly less but with an upside, either scheduling wise or ...and get 4 games played that week instead!

    The stragegy angles for head to head BLOW away that of Roto...and the stress, the nailbiting matchups make it far more exhilarating. Hands down, the best format that I've ever played. Especially if you have the honor of playing with superbly talented players as I have...makes the thrill that much more superior.


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