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  • Rion 'The Truth' Lion Rion 'The Truth' Lion Mar 3, 2008 9:32 PM Flag

    One Sided Trade

    So a couple of months ago when Ryan Miller and the Sabres were brutal the first place team in my league made a trade with a girl in my league that knows nothing about pools or hockey, where he basically coached the girl into the trade by stressing to her that she really needed goaltending. To that end he sent her the trade of Ovechkin who was 4trh ranked player at the time for Ryan Miller who was 221st ranked and she accepted it. I complained a lot at the time about the trade for which he replied that he did nothing wrong. This guy is now complaining about every trade that anyone else makes. I ask...was this fair tac tics on his part...coaching her into this trade? Even with Miller improved was this not a ridiculously lopp sided trade? What sould I do with this guy as he has pretty much targeted this ione girl as his trading partner all year and has the nerve to question my trades. How do you all deal with people like this in your leagues?

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