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    Heatly ruined my season!


    Ottawa's Danny Heatly was my no.1 pick and my standard bearer the first half of the seaon. Then he got hurt and lost a month. Now he has scored in only 2 of his last 10 games along with a -6. He is costing me a trophy. You know, if these selfish creeps are hurt, they shouldn't play. It hurts their own real teams, let alone mine! I also got Ottawa's Redden, too, who also has tanked. Oddly enough, he has also scored in only 2 of his last 10 games, along with a -5.......Looking furhter, I see that many of the teams who were in first place last month have all totally tanked this month. Ottawa, Detroit, Phila, Minnesota, etc? What happened? It sounds rigged to me. Do organized crime figures run the league and did they lay down the law for betting purposes? Or did the owners just get together and figure that bad teams need wins to keep people's interest?..... Tonight before the Ottawa game, they aisd there was flu on the team. Hey, the flu is bad for three or four days and lasts a week all together. That's a three game stretch, not a 10 game stretch. BS all around. Then they fired their coach, who everybody heated. So now they are saying that the whole team got together and decided to stop playing for the last ten games? Heatly can kiss my grits!

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