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    Goalie Problems

    I have Nabakov, Turco and Conklin. Should I drop Conklin or hope he beats Feury out of the job?

    Available goalies: Garon, Ellis, M Smith, Tellqvist, Price, LaBarbara, Sabourin, and Harding

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    • You have Turco and Nabokov along with the hottest tender in the league with Conklin and are complaining about goalie problems.....you're an idiot.........

    • I have Price and as much as he is inconsistant, now that Huet is gone, he will have a pretty consistant role.
      You have to think about the future.
      I wouldn't get Smith yet, as we don't know what kind of starter he will be with the lightning.
      Conks is probably your best bet right now, he is by far the hottest goalie on the ice right now. and no, i don't mean that in any kind of sexual way.
      None of the available goalies are worth it, except maybe Garon, but still, your goalies you have now should be enough to give you a good run.

    • You don't KNOW goalie problems! I got tired of Turco's crap, and as soon as I dumped him he became gold. I've had nothing but crap GT luck all year. (yeah, my other guy was Gerber) Now, I'm sitting here with Huet, Fleury & DiPietro.

      As we speak, I'm hoping for a waiver grab of Garon, who will probably give up 4 goals on 6 shots as soon as he's on my roster.

      Trust me, you will probably not improve what you have (2 solid starters who are both clearly #1 guys) with what's available. I'd wait to see how Fleury does. If he kicks butt, drop Conks for Garon or Smith.


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