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  • poklo poklo Feb 27, 2008 12:37 AM Flag

    really really good teams switching many of their players constantly??

    i have seen many of the really good teams in other leagues change and get other players off of the FA or others all the time. They have like 1061 moves and they are constantly switching their players all the time. Is it cause it is a keeper league or something?? they seem to get some points off of the players they drop and then use the players they get. this is in head-to-head leagues. I noticed that it is usually the top team. Why do they do this?

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    • You'll also see some people switch to this strategy once the h2h playoffs start to maximize on games played by having a filled lineup every day. I haven't done a regular h2h league (daily changes) in a while. I like the idea of putting a limit on moves per week. Yahoo should provide public h2h leagues that only allows you to set your lineup once a week, for the whole week - usuallyon sundays. They should provide both daily changes h2h leagues & weekly changes. There's more of a challenge with the weekly ones.

    • This is called streaming. People do it so they can get as many starts as possible which gives them a better chance to get points. They hang on to a core group of players and are constantly flipping the rest. This is bad fantasy etiquette. It is shunned upon but their is no rule against it in public leagues. It also requires the person doing it to have absolutley no life.

    • The idea is win no matter what. Even if it violates the spirit of the game (like say...the DRAFT???). Yeah, and why it works always is that most people who play in leagues like that STOP playing b/c its a waste of their time....hence why add/drop wins.

    • Its just simple math.

      The idea is that if you have a starting lineup that is as full as you can mathematically get, you will simply play WAY more games than the other GMs that for the most part stick to their roster as is.

      Even if you have use average players, you can concievably get almost double the amount of games played than someone who doesn't make any moves.

      Its a lot of work, and it is tedious. But it is frowned upon as a cheap way of getting ahead. It's a loophole. It is only used in Head to head leagues that have a no moves limit. Which all public leagues H2Hs are set to.

      I suppose some private rotisserie leagues have a unlimited games played setting, but private leagues don't count on the Leaderboard.


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