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    How is this team not in first?

    Aight so i thought i had the best team but im only in fourth and out of first by like 260 points! Any suggestion would be really appreciated as we have lots of $$$ riding on this pool. BTW its a 10 team league where only points, saves/wins get u points.

    Forwards: The Sedins, Roy, Zheredev, Sundin, Savard, Selanne, Rolston & Demitra

    Defense: Lidstrom, Boyle, McCabe & Kaberle

    Goalies: Bryzgalov, Huet & Turco

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    • In a ten team league, you should be in last. You clearly don't have a strong knowledge of fantasy hockey.

    • i would loose seleane and get eric staal, mike richards, or if you are playing with with retards, trade for evgeni malkin

    • drop rolston or demitra and pick a good forward or defenceman

    • i dont think its a first place team but its is none the less built on alot of average players not even a number 1 or 2 draft or even in the top 10 i think? i have 2 players in the top ten even though some little turd hurt his ankle which really sucks. Ive had people like radim vrbata lift me up a little. i think savard would be your best player unless teemu picks up his game a bit. i aggree with the ppls get rid of huet price is playing way better hockey. ive been with to goaltenders all season and it has worked out for me. And ive only had leclair and thomas. they aint no di pietro

    • Forwards:
      The Sedins not bad leading scorers on a canuck squad that can't score

      Roy- Not bad but like the Sedins Buffalo is offensively challeged.

      Zheredev - Milk carton candidate #1 is he playing in the league this year.

      Sundin - Depends if he moves to a contender.. Detroit or Anahiem if he goes to Vancouver or stays in TO you are equally boned.

      Savard, Probably your best forward but he hasn't got the greatest wingers in the world.

      Selanne - At least he's back.. but he doesn't have a center who can move him the puck.. unless Sundin goes there.

      Rolston & Demitra - Window dressing Demitra is on the long down swing ( I have him too) Rolston in mired in Minnesota Defensive system.. great player..

      Lidstrom - probably the only reason your in fourth,
      Boyle- coming back off injury don't expect a ton in 30 games plus he's on his way out of TB will be moved at the deadline.

      McCabe & Kaberle - Kaberle is the Blue chipper McCabe's coming back from the injury and won't come close to helping you.. dump McCabe and get a D who is on a hot streak that can put up points.

      Goalies: Bryzgalov, Huet & Turco
      Probably some of your strength.. but Huet is losing starts to Price. and Turco may be moved at the deadline possibly to Tampa Bay.. Breeze by glove is a decent guy.. but I don't think he's a solid #1 still Pheonix needs to give him more help.

    • Get RID of your LEAFS!
      For the rest of the season they will slump. And Kaberle sucks anyway.
      Keep your goalies -- short downtime for the boys, they will bouce back. (Don't grab Price). If anything, see if Lalime is still available. He'll be playing for a while.

      Go fresh with your forwards. At least Phoenix will have better players right now than the Leafs. Hi-scoring team, those Coyotes. And they want into the playoffs.

    • on top of everything else that got said...you need to get rid of huet. if you can grab price do it instantly...otherwise find someone else.

    • well in my opinion u do have a very well rounded team with exceptional depth, but what i think u need is a big name. take a look at ur oppositions teams and see what theyre i dire need for. maybe a 241 deal could get u a kovalchuk or an alfredson.

    • You need a superstar forward! Lidstrom is your only "Superstar" IMO.

      You have a team with all solid producers but you need an Ovechkin, crosby, lecavalier, zetterberg, Iginla etc etc type player.

      I would try and get rid of Savard + Kaberle for one of the above mentioned type players and then grab a defender of the FA.

      I would say your Goalies are good enough (especially with the Stars on such a tear...)

      That is what I would say, Package up some plares and get an impact forward.

    • Move Boyle and get rid of huet. Be careful depending on Euros to get you through the final stretch of the season. Keep the sedins and sundin but don't be scared to trade anyone else. Go for good Canadian boys (or hardnosed americans) and shore up your offense.

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