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  • W W Aug 27, 2009 3:55 PM Flag

    Recruiting for 2008-2009 - Strained Resources Extreme Fantasy Hockey

    OK, I love hockey, it is the only sport that I truly watch, I keep up with it daily and I have been in this league for 4 or so years and it truly is the hardest league I've ever been apart of in my fantasy hockey career. I have won many Yahoo Public and Private leagues but these guys in this league are the most die hard hockey stat/news/player info m'n f'ers you want to ever meet. If you've ever gotten to the end of a yahoo public draft and didn't know who to select because "all the good players are gone" well this might not be the league for you. But if you know the 3rd, 4th and up and coming prospects for all teams, not just your favorite team....then maybe this league is for you.

    You have to commit to it, even if you don't do well the first, second or third season, you never give up, never become inactive. Scour the waiver wire and be a bottom feeder if you must but keep on going, last is better than giving up.

    Drafting is the most important thing in this league, Goalies are worth their weight in platinum or diamonds or whatever you think is the most expensive material in the world. Keeping up on who is in the goal every night is a must if you want to make this league.

    If you have a passing interest in hockey, join a public league and win, IF you want to go up against THE best players in yahoo then this league is for you.

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    • I joined last year and it is a great league. Everyone stays involved and I feel fortunate to have been given a spot. It is very competetive and challenging bc the format is not your everyday typical format/scoring system. No doubt there is a learning curve, but once you figure it out it is as addicting as any other fantasy game.

      I encourage others to consider applying/joining because an opportunity like this may not come by again for a while.

      PS: hook, you may want to consider starting a new thread with the correct date. Keeping the thread from last year may deter people from applying to the league, as the date is old which is confusing.



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