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  • alex m. alex m. Aug 25, 2009 2:10 PM Flag

    Recruiting for 2008-2009 - Strained Resources Extreme Fantasy Hockey

    this is the only format that i think is worth playing in. it just can't be more competitive then this. when you need to have players like methot and pouliot to get to the top, you know that is a tough as it gets.so everyone looking for a challenge, THIS IS THE LEAGUE FOR YOU !!!!

    for all the rest of you wankerz... steer clear :)

    As a 4th year vet of this format all i have to say to newbies:
    DO NOT ASPIRE TO GET TO MASTERS ! I've been there for 1 (one!!!) season and my view of the world got so horribly corrupted/perverted that it'll need years and years to get it back to normal :)

    for those of you who have been offended by forza's email... its mild considering with whats going on in tier1. so please if you value your innocence, keep loosing in your tier/league. dont try to be promoted. :)

    me on the other hand, being exposed and corrupted already, have nothing to loose, thus the only thing that is left is to get back there. so let me shield you from this onslaught by allowing me to get up there in your place :P

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