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  • ru ru Jan 31, 2008 9:09 AM Flag

    Important question PLEASE help!

    I'm in a H2H league and my goalies are Conklin and Miller and Miller had a shutout so his stats are 0.00, 1.000 and Conklin's 3.47, 8.67 and the guy I'm playing against has Huet and DP and his stats are 0.00, 1.000 and 4.04, .840 but he's winning the GAA and SV%? Am I missing something because Conklin's stats are better than DP's? Someone explain if this is right or wrong?

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    • Remember that GAA is calculated as:

      (Goals Allowed * 60) / Minutes Played

      So if a goalie plays 60 mins and allows 4 goals, his GAA is 4.00
      But if he plays 45 min and allows 4 goals, his GAA is (4x60) / 45 --> 5.33GAA

      Your weekly goalie stats aren't simply your goalies' GAA's averaged out . . . it's still calculated with the same equation. So Conklin's total minutes played this week plus Miller total minutes played is what you use;

      ([Conklin's goals allowed + Miller's goals allowed] x 60) divided by [Conklin's minutes played + Miller's minutes played].

      Conklin was pulled last game, so his minutes played will affect your overall GAA.

      Does that make sense?

    • how long was "toi" from Conklin und DP.
      I guess DP has less toi than Conklin.


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