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  • Steve P Steve P Jan 21, 2008 5:23 PM Flag

    Will Forsberg sign????

    Forsberg. The rumors are coming out again that he has been practicing with Modo. He is available on the FA in both my pools. I already grabbed him in one because I had an empty spot anyways.

    who here thinks Forsberg will play at least 25 games this year (excluding playoffs)?

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    • Now he stated in an interview that he might just stay playing in Sweden. I hope he decides soon.

    • He definitely wants to. But everytime he's given his foot a proper go in practice - it has faultered. I don't think there's much more that can be done about it anymore. They've literally tried Everything. He's lucky he can walk like a man at all, off the ice.

      That said, it's not impossible he'll play through the eventual pain (it'll take a couple of weeks to surface but will be there) this spring. Don't expect him to sign anywhere until very close to the trade deadline tho. The fewer regular season games, the fresher he'd be for any team hoping he'll contribute mainly in the playoffs. And if he's just gonna keep prepping the foot 'til then - most teams prefer him to do it on his own dime (like he's done many times thruout the years), not theirs.

      Flyers better have a better plan than the Preds did last playoffs if they sign him. At this stage, he's mainly to be used for clutch situations and power plays, not logging 20-25 minutes per game on a sure-to-be-sore foot.
      There's also the issue of team chemistry. The Preds used him on their top line that had been rock solid all year without him. Slide him in elsewhere. He could be a smart pick-up for any team that's playoff bound despite already screwed up team chemistry. There he'd gel into any formation and significantly improve the team.
      The Flyers are rolling along nicely enough as it is, so it feels like a pointless move for them.

      In short, I don't think he'll sign but if he does, don't expect much of anything besides PP assists from him this season. Foppa the Legend is more of a "Carolina Cullen" than a "Crosby" these days.

    • Hard to tell. He has all the tools, just needs a healthy foot. But if he is healthy, he will sign somewhere, most likely philly, which makes them absolutely ridiculous at Center.


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