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  • Andrew67 Andrew67 Jan 17, 2008 2:24 PM Flag

    More Suggestions to Yahoo for Next Year

    I think the # 1 Thing Yahoo could do is, they should punish all these Cheating Commissioners, They take the fun out of it, Who cares if a goalie gets an assist or a goal if your team is locked down or the Commish has stacked his team so that no one else can beat him. I do think all your idea`s are good, Who thinks Yahoo will do anything about it ??

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    • Rumour has it, that Yahoo will initiate some sort of a commissioner rating system that you can voice your displeasure with. Probably next season.

      I think they could have a team of the month award (each league) just as incentive for the teams that are not on top of the standings. Kinda like employee of the month award. Just a plaque posted in the league page showing each month's winner.

      I think Yahoo probably doesn't want you uploading your team logo for fear of it being vulgar (pornographic). Lots of young people play fantasy leagues. The manager icon that IS uploadable is REALLY small. Probably intentional for the reason I just mentioned. It's bigger on these message boards though.


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