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  • Zii Zii Jan 16, 2008 3:53 PM Flag

    More Suggestions to Yahoo for Next Year

    The Positive/Negative PIM debate was good, but let's open this up to all things we'd like to see in Yahoo Fantasy Hockey.

    Personally I'd love to see the ability to choose how PIM's are counted in leagues - either for or against your team depending. Also, the one glaring thing Yahoo needs to add in my opinion is the ability for Team Managers to upload or link to a pic of their own team logo. Either a small jpg or gif would do. I'm kind of down on only being able to choose between like 10 near-identical goalie helmets and a goofy avatar. I do love the new drag and drop roster, and also the league history additions. Keep it up, Yahoo! Best free fantasy hockey there is!

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    • make sure to get good pool commissioners that don't change rules to suit himself and his buddies . not ones that tell you if you don't like the changes, then just quit. I believe that there is probably a few commissioners that are cheaters and liars. it takes the fun out of the game.
      our commissioners motto is win at all cost and change rules on the fly.

    • There's lots of tweaks that could be made for sure, but there's one major thing they must somehow fix. INACTIVE MANAGERS (especially in the public leagues) has been my main gripe since Yahoo! started Fantasy Sports.
      I'm not talking about managers that don't do a lot. I'm talking about the managers that aren't even around. Since it's free way too many simply abandon it.

      If you can lose all your mail if you don't log into Yahoo! Mail every now and then (I think it's 3 months nowadays), surely they could have some automated warnings sent out to inactive managers that haven't played since the draft or shortly thereafter.
      And if they don't heed the warnings, they lose the team into free agency or some kind of "leftover scraps draft". For H2H leagues the team's games would be removed, retroactively too so nobody else benefits.

      Some obviously don't want to change their teams too much but a little "I've been here, looked it over" button (or hidden log-in sensor) on the My Team page would be such an EASY tweak.
      If someone knows they're not gonna be able to pay attention for a spell it'd only take a few seconds per date to pre-set the roster - weeks ahead. It bugs me that so many just let it be.

      Their fantasy columnists keep screaming "he's available in 50% of the leagues!" about some player... could be because not even 50% of the teams are playing, right?

      Having more active managers would have a ripple effect on a lot of the other things bugging people. Cheating teams would have their trades vetoed if more than one third of the other teams actually logged in to pay attention, for example.

    • I guess shootouts, but the big thing I would like changed is if there were any categories that would even out the Defense to Forwards. All would agree that Forwards are worth way more in fantasy value to Defense. Obviously, a Defense would never be No. 1 player all year, but I would like to see that at least possible in the future. I don't know what kind of pts category would solve this problem to help even out the forward to defense, but there must be some way. Any one have any ideas as to how yahoo could balance this. The only thing I can think of is hits and blocked shots. maybe TOI would help...just give some idea as to how we could see a fantasy year finish with a Defensmen winning the No 1 fantasy title...

    • Obviously everyone is going to put down what suits them best...so for me it is the ability to run a keeper league. I don't think it would really take that much more additions to do it. Yahoo already keeps the rosters from the previous years. Simply allow the returning commish to reinstate a league (which I think is possible), and allow the commish to link returning owners with last years team roster. OR...more importantly, allow owners to choose a set number of players off their roster from last season and have those preloaded into the draft, so a live draft can still take place.

      It sounds petty, but having a keeper league ability would not make me look into using other websites to host my league in the future.

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      • yeah i hav thought about it alot.
        how many ppl hav kris letang on there roster?!? exactly.
        hes a demon when it comes to SO. therefore they shud make every SO goal a goal for their stats. whts the diff between tht and a breakaway......nuthing.

        also i wud like to see blocked shots. brendan witt has like 60.

        other than that, the player elgibility thing, its annoying but i can deal wit it.

        good job yahoo!

    • I would like to see them do something for the shoot out. I guess it would be alright to make PIM a negative stat but I like it the way it is. It's HOCKEY not Baseball, it's supposed to be rough. If you play the game right your gonna end up in the box sometimes! I don't think they should add goalie assists but I would like to see hits and blocked shots. All and all though I think Yahoo does a great job!

    • Last year in YFH a manager drafted a team, made no line-up changes at all, and won the league!? He was injury lucky and his drafted players all performed great. Never saw that before!! This year I am playing against a manager that has three IR players in his line-up AND Sidney Crosby on his bench!!!!!!! I guess it is better for me when my team faces his, but I like to compete against active managers, win or lose. To me, it is all about playing and trying.

    • You can put a logo where your avatar goes. Mine is an actual picture of me, but obviously, you could put your team logo if that is what you desire. It is a bit small though.

    • after they punish the cheats they should punish the cheating patriots

    • abandonment should mean abolishment

    • I think the # 1 Thing Yahoo could do is, they should punish all these Cheating Commissioners, They take the fun out of it, Who cares if a goalie gets an assist or a goal if your team is locked down or the Commish has stacked his team so that no one else can beat him. I do think all your idea`s are good, Who thinks Yahoo will do anything about it ??

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      • Rumour has it, that Yahoo will initiate some sort of a commissioner rating system that you can voice your displeasure with. Probably next season.

        I think they could have a team of the month award (each league) just as incentive for the teams that are not on top of the standings. Kinda like employee of the month award. Just a plaque posted in the league page showing each month's winner.

        I think Yahoo probably doesn't want you uploading your team logo for fear of it being vulgar (pornographic). Lots of young people play fantasy leagues. The manager icon that IS uploadable is REALLY small. Probably intentional for the reason I just mentioned. It's bigger on these message boards though.

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