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    Anyone think this guy is going to keep the starting job when Fleury comes back? Will he split time? Or will he lose his starting job?

    Just wondering as someone in my league wants to move him, and he could come cheap.

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    • conklin isn't really that good...if you have him ride the hot streak....if you don't have him, don't spend too much for him

    • Everything depends on how well Conklin continues to play. I can tell you this tho, what makes Fluery a bad choice for pitsburgh in net(puck handleing) is what makes Conklin great for pits. His defensman love playing for him..cause he handle the puck so well that they can play the boards and are not forced to cover Fluery's ass knowing he cant get the puck down the boards.

    • I don't think so, nothing in Conklin's pass gives me any confident.

    • I really doubt they would make Conklin (or Sabourin) their starter goalie in the playoffs, unless they had no other options. Fleury is their long-term plan, and he needs the playoff experience. I think Conklin will hold the spot until Fleury is fit to play. Once Fleury is ready to return, I imagine they will rotate and slowly lean more on Fleury the closer it gets to the playoffs. If Fleury is solid enough come playoff time, the job will be primarily his. If not, I guess they will rotate goalies, cross their fingers and pray that their strong offense can make up for inadequate goaltending.

      Conklin is serving to move them up the standings and get them a playoff spot, and I think they will ride that out as long as they can without risking a "cold" Fleury when playoff time comes around.

    • He's still available in my league. Anyone think Conklin is worth dropping Ryan Whitney for? My team is stellar except weaker @ G (Giggy, Khabby, and Gerber). Dustin Penner's the only forward I have I'd drop but his status at both wings makes me hesitate. I'm thinking about rolling with just three D while Conk's hot, see how the Gerber/Emery thing plays out and if Chicago turns it around. Thoughts?

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      • Conklin is a much better goalie than Fleurry. Once again you fake bandwagon penguins fans who only started going to the games after we got crosby are commenting out of your.... Fleury flops all over the place and thinks he is Hasek! Hasek doesn't give up arround five goals a game. He chokes in big games just as he did in the championship in the juniors when he gave up six goals for his quebec team. Conklin is a much more reliable goalie... he cut off the shooting angle much better than fleury and is a better puck handler than fluerry. We should have drafted Dion or Stall. Fleurry is a bust. trade him while you can still get some value out of him. When people bring up Conklins past... he was never given more than arround 40 starts. He was backing up biron and miller in his short stint with phili... and garon and roloson in edmonton. He didn't perform badly he played pretty well so to say that his history gives you little faith is absurd! He doesn't have much of a history. Fleury does... he has a history of choking in big games and inconsistency behind the pipes. so to all my fellow pens fans... go buy your new sidney crosby powder blue winter classic jerseys hop on the bandwaggon and pretend your a fan. To all my real pens fans make sure that you tell off all these other fake bandwagon pens 'fans" who are giving us a bad name and keep them from talking or posting so that the hockey world doesn't have to hear the ignorance spewing out of their mouths.

      • good thought, me and a pal did that in our league and turned out well, except it wasnt for conklin. go for it

      • Unless you're loaded with d-men who can score and get as much PP time as Whitney? That would be pretty dumb.

        Surely you have a weaker link than Ryan SOMEwhere if you're itching to get your hands on Conklin. Know what you're getting when you pick him up. He's a streaky kind of guy. He's riding high now, but when things get bad and the pressure piles on, he folds like a two cent card table.

    • He'll be the starter if he remains hot. Fleury's coming off an injury, so they have the chance to give him more rest before he starts playing more time. If Conklin still isn't losing by the time Fleury's back, Conklin's still going to start... they'd be crazy not to. However, should Conklin show signs of cooling and Fleury heats up, then Conklin's going to play backup for the rest of the playoffs/season. Keep an eye on his performance, because his past track record has been spotty at best. That said, I hope he keeps up his amazing play... I always wanted him to breakthrough when he was playing here in Edmonton, but if it's with the Pens that it happens with, so be it.

    • Fleury might not even get the start immediately when he comes back. He wasn't that great before his injury, so I'd think Conklin will hold the position until he starts losing more than once every 10 games...

    • No one knows! There is little way to know since there are many factors to consider, such as ...will Conklin still play at the level he is now until Fleury is ready to come back and also whether Fleury is ready to come back and how he fares once he does come back. If he comes back and is steady and playing better than or equal to Conklin, than he will likely be playing full-time and they will rely on Conklin for when Fleury is having some poor nights.

      Obviously Fleury is the number one guy, but right now Conklin is playing out of his mind and is on fire, so there is little need to hurry Fleury back at the moment, but that could change.

    • They way he's playing it would be stuptid the take off a hot goalie he will split time at the least but fleury wont be back for at least a couple of weeks anyway

    • It's Fleury's JOB!!!

      Conklin's value will all depend on Fleury's return date. Once People find out Fleury is ready for Start, Conklin's value will decrease from Lehtonin to Ramo..

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