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  • Following is my team and I just want to know if I should pick up any FA as there are some good ones. I am in a 12 team H2H league.

    C - Horton, Richards, Getzlaf
    LW - Sedin, Prospal, Shanahan, Smyth
    RW - St. Louis, Doan, Lupul (in IR slot)
    D - Schneider, Green, Burns
    G - Luongo, Legace, Conklin, Thomas

    Forwards: Horcoff, Bouchard, Hartnell, Dumont
    D-man: Rivet, Enstrom, Wideman, Kronwall, Streit
    Goalies: Garon, Emery, Kolzig

    Thanks for your help

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    • enstrom on the backend asshole

      ur D is ur weakest spot

    • trade ty conklin!!! right now!!!
      his stock will never be higher!! get some good defense and forwards from a desperate gm!

    • Hartnell.. You need some PIM and He is playing really well with FULL Flyers Squad. Doan or Smyth I would think about Dumping and maybe Thomas, you have too many G's and plenty of good ones in FA.

    • Your teams very solid about the only player to consider exchanging might be Nathan Horton. I would be reluctant to do so because he has such tremendous potential, granted at some point that has to be realized or you move him - its just in a twelve team league I would be reluctant to do so.

      Before giving Horton the drop consider he's on pace for about the same number of points and SOG as last season, his penalty minutes are way up and his plus minus has dropped (but its still a plus on the Panthers) - so he's about the same player as last year and if you drafted him tenth or later, he's producing as to be expected.

      Similar to Horton, Shanahan and Richards are also tempting drops; they also are on pace to repeat last years performances, although Richards - 25 is a little daunting if your league counts such a thing. Of those two it might be Shanahan's time to depart, his recent spate of injuries seem to be catching up to him.

      If your league only allows one IR spot and you don't think you can hang on for 2 weeks then Smyth should also be considered. Ryan is playing well below seasons past, and how much is he really going to benefit your team in the last month or so of the season when his first handful of games will be for limited minutes on a wonky ankle. His timing, stamina and speed will all be really diminished for a few games and so will his production. You need an active player and you may need to dump him just so you can have a little wiggle room in the roster for future injuries - and they are going to happen.

      Your goal tending is totally solid, the only move would be to drop Conklin once he cools or when Fluery returns. I would try and trade him while he is over-valued because Manny and Lou have got you covered and Thomas can fill in the gaps. You might try and package Ty and Richards together for a dman in the top 8 - 12 range such; Redden, Zubov or Markov who would all be good fits and might be gotten for such a price. You could also try the same deal for an upgrade at center.

      Your defense is solid, better than average but not spectacular - in all honesty an improvement would require a trade and, other than the above mentioned trade, you just don't have the assets to spare. And then you would only be gaining a Dman of similar stature as the ones already in your line-up.

      Who to get is a challenge, I just picked up Hartnell and am planning only to keep him for the next three games or so until an IR player returns. Dumont's recent points surge makes him an attractive FA, do it only if you honestly think he will remain "hot". Of those mentioned I think Horcoff is the best choice solely because Edmonton has no other options and with the return of Hemsky and Moreau the team and Horcoffs fortunes have been turning.

      As to the Free Agent Dmen, unless you want to risk Streit's hot hand turning cold, there is not a real instant improvement over your worst one on the roster. If you want to chance it then it's Streit, with probably Burns heading to the farm.

      None of the FA goalie's will improve your team - don't even look there.


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