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  • Mark R Mark R Jan 6, 2008 6:58 PM Flag

    Trade Help:Sundin/Richards

    Need some trade advice.
    Points-only non-keeper league, with offensive stat categories and scoring being:
    G (2), A (1), +/- (1), PIM (0), PPP (2), SOG (1).
    I was offered his M.Sundin for my M.Richards.
    This was after I offered my B.Morrow,C.Higgins,J.Spacek for his M.Sundin.

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    • I know i`m a leafs fan but look at the Scoring, Sundin has been alot better than Richards. He is carrying the Leafs right now and will be at the top of the scoring all season, I got both and it would be hard to let go of ethier of them. If you look at there stats you should get your answer - Me, Sundin By far !!

    • nahh keep mike. hes more important and consistent to his team. the leafs blow right now and sundin isnt playin as he shud. blake and steen and other guys r takin his spot. mike richards tho is still playin well.

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      • NYlander - Do you have any clue what you are talking about ??
        True Leafs suck right know, But it`s Sundin that has been putting points on the board all season and will do for the rest of the year. It`s cool that you give your advise, but don`t give poeple wrong advise. If you watch the Leaf games as i do you would see that Sundin is carrying the Leafs.


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