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  • Joe Joe Dec 17, 2007 6:05 PM Flag


    Hockey is the most boring sport too play period. You have to follow around a 5 inch rubber pan-cake going 120 mph. At least football you have scoring and points not 1-1 ties EVERY DAY. Please go watch a real american sport like Baseball or Football. Most of all hockey is CANADIEN, which speaks for it self.

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    • You must be AMERICEN. This just in. YOUR A RETARD

    • piss off

    • Hey bruno, what a dumb ass comment, hockey is by far one of the most physical sports out there. Let me slam your fat ass into the boards going 15 miles an hour +. Or let me slash your shine, while you are taking a shot. Than you can see how bring it is. Football players are all over rated. Oh the scoring in football, pethetic. Oh I bet you think that WWE wrestling is real. Dumbass. I am american and love this sport. Cant wait to see how many people are bored at the winter class Jan 1st. Dick, people like you piss me off.

    • Wow! Bruno S. - your rant against hockey shows your ignorance. Hockey, Football, and Baseball are sports that are too different to compare. Until you learn and understand the rules, skillsets, competition, and nuances involved in any sport, you really can't appreciate or judge it fairly.

    • 3 things:

      1) Hockey is a continuous play sport. No stopping every ten seconds for a new play, or to throw another pitch. A little more fun to watch if you ask me.

      2) Hockey takes more skill than either baseball or football. Alot of the "skill" football takes is speed and/or brute force. That or being able to kick or throw a lemon-shaped ball . Baseball? I know alot of people who can hit a ball or throw a pitch. nearly everyone I know can catch a ball. Skating on ice, swinging the stick at the puck and keeping your balance as well as being able to dish and take hits... a little more skill.

      3) Here's the sore spot: How many hockey players have been caught on drugs/illegal steroids? Since the random drug tess started, only ONE. Bonds, Clemens, both now exposed as having used steroids. and I don't even want to know how many football playres are on drugs or take steriods.

    • most people that dont like hockey just dont understand the game,, hockey is the most excited sport on this planet.... done ...done

    • yeah, and I am pretty sure when you say it self, you mean itself.
      And it is C-a-n-a-d-i-a-n.
      while you were busy slapping other dudes on the ass, some of us were learning the finer points of the English language.
      You truly look like a real $#!%

    • At least we're not hated by 2/3 of the world tard. It must suck that you have to make you're self feel better by making comments like this. Get a f*ckin life!

    • GO HOME any hockey player could kick a football players sorry butt

    • you must really suck ass at hockey....ive played every sport (the real ones) and hockey by far is the best...you think football is better...how is it that all the uncoordinated fat kids play football and no other sport...because it takes no skill and no brians...hell they cant even remember what the snap count is...not to hard to say, hey running back take the ball and run between those two fat bastards and dont let anyone tackle you??

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