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  • Reggie Dunlop Reggie Dunlop Dec 3, 2007 9:52 PM Flag

    Advice on Centers please?

    Should I drop Langkow for Horcoff, Arnott, Cullen, Lang, Stoll?

    I also need goalie help please?
    Who should I drop Kolzig for?
    7-12-1 .902 2.81 1 Kolzig

    6-4-0 .909 2.39 1 Smith
    6-9-1 .916 2.56 1 LaBarbera
    6-4-0 .914 2.37 2 Garon
    8-6-1 .902 2.95 1 Hedberg
    6-0-0 .929 2.00 2 Ellis

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    • Keep Lagkow for sure and drop Kolzig for a center. I would recommend Horcoff. Cullen and Lang would be my 2nd votes.

    • My vote would be for Arnott, Lang or Horcoff, leaning more towards Arnott and Horcoff. With Havlet back and the strength of the Hawks young guns, Lang's minutes may start to tumble - he might find his way from the 1st to 3rd line by the Allstar break. Lang's numbers also seem to indicate that he will be around 60 points this season.

      If you feel you can take a "chance" on a roster spot on a guy who could still have a banner year or crash in spectacular fashion then Lang's your guy - his fortunes will go the way of the Blackhawks fortune - if the Hawks are scoring alot then Robert lang's production will be along for the ride, if Chicago gets shut down, so does Robert Lang. He no longer plays like a game breaker so you can't expect to many miracles for him - but he has set up a few 'miracle" plays for a couple of guys named Kane and Toews.

      Arnott and Horcoff will continue to get big minutes, the only downside with Horcoff is the Oilers are playing weak so far this year and as a result the best you can hope for is a repeat of his best 70+ points of a couple of years ago. Arnott's on pace for 65- 70 points, which is really good; he has slowed the last 5 games or so and is off his career setting pace of two weeks ag o, but he's still putting up very respectable numbers. If your league counts shots on goal, Arnott's shooting the puck about 22% more than the last couple of years.

      At first glance Cullens numbers are very impressive (and tempting) for a free agent remaining in your pool, however bear in mind that he is no longer gobbling up the big minutes and if you'll notice his production has really fallen off in the last 10 games or so, thats because he is only playing twelve minutes a game. As more of the Hurricanes return from injury, his minutes will continue to decrease. In my opinion Cullen would be a poor choice - let some one else clog up there bench with the "hope" that he'll light up again like the at the start of the season.

      As to goal tending, if you are in a points only league, I would say it depends on who else you have on your team as to wether to drop Ollie or not. If it's points only then I would say grab Ellis and put him in net for every game on nights when you have no other goalie to play, or when Nashville plays the league dorrmats such as Toronto, Phoenix or Washington - eventually you'll catch a few extra wins. But if you don't have at least two other starters on your roster, keep Kolzig.

      Remember Washington has really been hit with the early season injury bug, there defence has been shakey and there top lines were juggled about like crazy in the early going. The Capitals ship may still right itself and Kolzig I think will start to have a much stronger go of it the rest of the way. It could be worse - you might have drafted Kipprisoff in the first round, now there's a guy who's going to suck all season.

      If the guys on your list are the best "choices" I would say keep Ollie the Goalie for now - because if your league counts shots on goal, rest assured he'll see a lot of rubber.

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        Powers of Pain 3-5-1, 5-4-0, 5-4-0, 5-4-0, 5-3-1, 4-5-0, 0-6-3, 1-5-3, 5-3-1, 6-2-1, 7-2-0

        This is my record so far on the things we count. And here is my team, so no matter how you look at it, I should def. let go of Langkow for one of the free guys? I am in 6th place out of 8 and need to make a run. I am 40 pts behind 1st place team. A lot of guys are on the FA.

        C Sidney Crosby
        C Daymond Langkow
        LW Brendan Shanahan
        LW Cory Stillman
        RW Patrick Sharp
        RW Brad Boyes
        D Sergei Gonchar
        D Tomas Kaberle
        D Paul Ranger
        D Filip Kuba
        Util Vaclav Prospal
        Util Alex Tanguay
        (BN Chris Drury
        BN Henrik Sedin
        BN Brian Rolston
        G Johan Holmqvist
        G Marc-Andre Fleury
        BN Tomas Vokoun

    • keep langcow, get labarbera

    • keep langkow, and keep kolzig wud be ur best bet


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