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    what's up w/ vanek?

    the guy is really under performing. but even more suspicious is the lack of ice time he is getting under head coach lindy ruff. I recall in some games where he was only skating for roughly 10-15 minutes. if the sabres are paying the guy 7 million a year, or whatever it is, why aren't they treating him like it. is vanek simply overrated? or is it lindy ruff's fault for giving him limited minutes?

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    • am i the only one here who has noticed vanek has picked up as of late? he now has 10 points in 15 games which is great but given his slow start it aint bad. it would be a foolish mistake to give on him. give him 10 games and if he still hasn't put up then drop him. i have him in my league and thats what i am doing. now the real question is, wtf is wrong with afinogenov? he is the real problem

    • I know Vanek is good. I do not think Vanek is 7 million good though. He had 1 good season and was greatly overpaid and is now greatly critisized. He is a solid 1st line player but I dont see him performing every year like he did last year.

    • his lack of TOI is perplexing. I haven't really looked into it, but I had vanek in the beginning of the year and noticed he was putting in about 15min a game- not something I had expected of someone I drafted in the 4th round. I didn't see his minutes increasing as the weeks went on, and his production was average at best. I packaged him away quickly in a deal that landed me malkin.

    • Last season the other teams focused on Briere's line and Drury's line....Vanek/Roy/Afinigenov could run wild. This year, those guys are focused on and as a result they are getting nowhere (and displaying how unefffective they actually are).
      Vanek's overpaid,overrated,he doesn't make his linemates better....I would trade him in your pool while you can get a worthy return.

    • Maybe if he was scoring alot when he had decent minute maybe he would get more minute.


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