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  • Daniel T Daniel T Oct 24, 2007 8:17 PM Flag

    Janet Eagleson is an idiot

    i dont know if anyone else has looked at her articles lately but this lady has no idea what she is talking about and has no place writing about fantasy hockey. She is obviously some new writer that happened to get assigned to writing about fantasy hockey when she would much rather be writing about "more important" topics....well guess what, fantasy hockey is the most important thing to me. she is telling me to pick up tim connlly like i dont know who he is? i doubt she has ever even played hockey let alone has her own fantasy team

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    • Does Ms. Eagleson know that you and sean are secret admirers? She was probably really impressed with that mind blowing article "Janet is Awesome". Maybe you two should lay off the plants before you start comparing people to them.

    • Sadly, a lot of fantasy managers have no clue who Tim Connolly is and could use the advice.

      As for her being an idiot or not: Dude, you gotta take what the sports writers chuck out with a grain of salt. It might sound like they're talking down at you, having to point out obvious things, but other readers don't follow the game as closely.
      Also, some of their advice can be quite biased and based on who they actually "like" as a person or not. I don't think Janet's doing a better or worse job than any other "expert" column I see on Yahoo or other places. They're just bringing up stuff they've noticed and often they're quite right about it. Sometimes they're dead wrong and have to bite the bullett.

      I haven't followed everything Janet's written so I can't really judge her hit or miss ratio. But I do think that as long as she's making it clear the main reason not to recommend someone is because she simply doesn't like him - as in the Downie case - she has every right to use morality clauses in her column. Heck, even the "real" experts over at The Hockey News do it all the time with their anti-goon 'tude.

      I commend Janet Eagleson for using a moral compass as part of choosing who to pick up or not. As long as you can win without using morally decrepid players, all the better for you.
      Some of the players I've deliberately kept off my rosters for several seasons are Dany Heatley, Todd Bertuzzi, Kristian Huselius, Henrik Tallinder and Andreas Lilja. And I haven't missed their points at all.

      I agree with her that Connolly's a good pick-up right this moment in time, btw. He might've flown under a lot of peeps' radars due to injuries and streakiness and the FA list is starting to look mighty barren. Heck, with centermen like Sakic, Stastny, Cammy and now Sid the Kid out just about anyone is starting to look like a good pick-up. Chris Thorburn as top pick of the week hint next?

    • Totally, She has no place in any type of fantasy anything except for Fantasy tiddlywinks, and I'm not some women hating buttt

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      • everyone of u dumbasses that think janet is an idiot you all are the idiots, whats sad is that she probably has more hockey experience than all of u f a g s put together. ive read most of her logs and she has really good information and knowledge of hockey IF SHE DIDNT THEY WOULDNT BE PAYING HER GOOD MONEY TO WRITE FOR YAHOO right? im sure theres only MILLIONS of f ukin bald headed fat losers like you all that think u know everything there is to know about hockey. so if i had a choice to read someones "THOUGHTS" on the hockey season i would deffinitely pick someone that actually writes for yahoo and is her career over some dumbasses that think their so cool cuz they manage a fake team on yahoo and probably delivers pizza by night

    • tim connolly is a good pick up he will get about a point a game when healthy

    • Janet is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced writer. She won the FSWA (Fantasy Sports Writers Association)'s Fantasy Hockey Writer of the Year Award in 2006. And yes she does in fact play hockey herself.

    • she is an idiot ed is a plug

    • Whether she is an idiot or not, I doubt she would stoop to level of pointless drivel I have just read in your post.


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