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  • Oscar Oscar Oct 21, 2007 11:56 PM Flag

    Lots of Zero replies..

    I like the old system better... Tons more interaction... More answers to one's ??

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    • Hi Crystal - How are things in the Great North?

    • Good on you adam to keep it going from the group last yr... only a few names that I still recognize.

    • this board appears to have died at 11:40 PM Nov 02 2007.
      Is this a sign of things to come?

    • I used to be on here all the time a few years ago...then a MAJOR car wreck ruined my whole life. I am having to start everything over, including posting on here. At that time I was using something like Wild Tigers or White Tigers or something close to one of those. So, I apologize since I feel like time had stopped (at least for me) in the summer of '04 and in the last year has begun to slowly creep forward. So I sincerely apologize for the misunderstanding. As far as "pages", I was refering to reading alot of the previous postings so I could catch up from when I was at work. If you would like to know my whole life story, please feel free to ask, only specify if you mean my life before the accident, or this one now. :)

      As for the Budaj/Theodore question, they're not saying much. However, IMO after our 'fantastic finish' last year, Budaj was the clear starter for this season. Since his fumblings from the beginning of this season, it's looking like the start position is now up for grabs...especially when he was replaced and Theo came in and saved the game for us.

    • Hey Avsgirl,

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but there was no way to go back "pages" in the old system.

      Apart from today, I've only noticed you on the board once or twice. So, why should you be at all concerned.

      BTW I got Theodore in my EXPANDED roster pool. What's the word on him and Budaj.

    • I miss old system!!!!!!! It helped me keep up w/ things that were going on in the Hockey world, and now I have to go through and read several posts just to find out information. It was much easier the 'old' way for me because i didnt mind going a few pages back (if needed). Now, I feel like topics are old already (like this one), even though there arent many responses.

    • I agree 100%. Maybe we should start letting yahoo know the new system sucks

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      • I dunno, I kinda like this way better. Before, if your message got to be older than what the page handled, it was gone for good. And if you needed a reply and went to work, your replies would be gone when you came back from work.
        Also I for one can't be bothered with all the "rank this trade" talk, and don't have to deal with it, because they have their own section. However, people don't care and ask anywhere and anyway.

        Sometimes people would fill the page just talking back and forth which had nothing to do with anybody else. This way you can skip it altogether.

        Lots of zero replies?!

        The other way had just as many. I remember people would repost their questions because the average person didn't read any postings that were more than 20th on the list.

        I found this format confusing at 1st, but now I wouldn't want to go back.

    • That's just my opinion ... At least the old message board was much more interactive with more hockey knowledge....


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