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  • adam67ca adam67ca Oct 9, 2007 11:00 PM Flag

    Carolina crushes Leafs 7-1

    Where is the new, improved goaltending on this team? Did the Leafs decide not to draft any defencemen on their Fantasy team?Bring back Aubin.Bring up Pogge from the Marlies.Run John Ferguson out of town.Pray.

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    • i agree 100% they should fire is sorry ass and get some one how knows what there doing get sundin up there lol.................

    • It's not Toskala's fault... The thing with the Leafs is... they always blame their probs on goaltending because they believe that's where the problem is. Their goalies are usually more than capable but the problem lies in their defense. They leave their goalies hanging out to dry. They give up too many good chances to opposing teams. Some players just fail at playing defense. Look at McCabe... can the guy play def? Not at all... he has a useless shot much like Souray. As soon as teams shut him down like that, mind you it doesn't require much work/attention he goes quiet. They need more capable defense men. Look at teams like Detroit... they can play almost any goalie they wanted and they will still do fine (Legace, Hasek).

    • the leafs need a whole new team. They're an ageing team that have a large number of players on the down side of their careers, it's time for them to take a page out of the rangers book and get your farm team goin and draft youth. It's been 4 years now since the rangers did their turnaround and have been in the playoffs every year and getting deeper into the playoffs each year and they have 3 players that are age 35 or older... they have 11 players on the starting roster under the age of 23. At any given time the rangers know they can bring someone up from ahl and know they can produce right away because they don't need time to adjust to the speed of the game.

    • Carolina was all over the Leafs, and there was no defence. They need to get rid of some of the goody-two-shoes Europeans and get some tough Canadian players on the Leafs, to kick some booty.

    • Why do you always blame your goalie when all the team plays like crap? Do you know anything about hockey???

    • Goalie is not at fault, the team let him down.....but its only 4th game of the season...lets wait and see.

    • Hate to admit but Toskala wasn't at fault: actually kept the leafs in game 1st period.. Leafs should be 0-4 if wasn't for the Habs stupidity.. Leafs look like they are in training camp still...

    • Tosaka gave the Leafs hope in the first period if you saw anything of the game, did you?

      In the first period 4 goals were going in, amazing saves, teh Leafs were sleeping all night, not skating, not to mention the 4 Ppl goals Carolina scored and the bad bounces, one bad game, come THU it will be different!

      Time to trade Raycroft and get him out of here


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