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  • Masi Masi Oct 9, 2007 1:59 PM Flag

    PIM: should they be a good thing?

    I feel the penalty minutes should be treated the same way walks & strikeouts are treated in Baseball.
    Offensively more walks is better and fewer strikeouts are better, but on the pitching side it is the opposite; more strikeouts are better and fewer walks are better.

    I say penalty in minutes should be a negative effect for players;
    if you finish the week with more PIM than your opponent then your opponent wins this category.

    What do you think?

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    • I would keep PIM as a bad thing, because it puts up more meaning for defensemens..or else ppl can just go deep with forwards..cuz Defensemans wouldnt even factor in on their stats that much.

    • No this is not like turnover in basketball. This is fantasy hockey so more pims are better and make guys like Avery/Neil valuable to drafted

    • You have a point there, but this isn't "Reality Hockey", it's Fantasy Hockey. I realize the Fantasy Baseball pools are set up the way you speak of, but it's just the way the rules are. I have heard your beef before, and I'm sure Yahoo has also, but appearantly most fantasy players prefer to use PIMs as a good thing, even though it takes away ice time from your players to accumulate other positive stats.

      As a commish, I can tell you that there currantly is no category available to reverse the points in PIMs. Until Yahoo adds this feature, you're outta luck.

      Which goes to show, most fans like the rough stuff.


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