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  • So, I wonder what got Gerber going so good this Year? Tonight he won his 4th straight game. I have him and don't have any desire to trade but just being cynical on his great start. I actually never thought when my team was drafted and I got him that he would be so hot. Is it him or the whole team going to have a good year?

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    • Has the doubts about Gerber still out there? I wouldn't think so even though he looked bad against Carolina but came back the next game to beat Rangers. So far in 6 games he is 5 and 1. I have to agree with whoever wrote he felt like he had to step his game this year. He has, and hasn't been a disappointment to have on my fantasy team.

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      • Gerber got his 6th win to put the doubters quite. Yes I agree that it wasn't a pretty win. I actually didn't think he was going to win, but he has receive plenty of scoring support from other team players. That has helped him out since the whole Ottawa team is looking good. Not a fan but I will give them credit. Since the Preds look like shit this year.

      • NOPE! I wasn't too upset about his performance against Carolina. Hey! Can't win them All. He is still having a hell of a year so far. If he stays healthy and they keep giving time to play, He SHOULD have a great season. Which doesn't mean they won't trade him at end of year.

    • I think Gerber stepped his game up. I'm not surprised if he did or not he most likly felt like he would get traded or not play mucdh so pushed himself to do better. (not that he's bad or anything thou!)

    • He is a very good goal-keeper. He just lost his post last year to another guy (Emery) who got hot at the right time.

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      • Exactly! Gerber is underrated, and Emery is overrated.

        Anyone remember how Gerbs played when he was with Carolina? What about when he played at the Olympics for Switzerland?

        Emery is good, but I predict Gerber will remain Ottawa's number 1 goalie this season, as it won't be so easy for Emery to win back the number 1 spot after coming back from his wrist surgery. Plus Emery won't be back until end of October...so don't trust the DTD thing, as he has been listed DTD since the start of the season and was just sent to the minors yesterday for conditioning.

        Gerber is in Ottawa to stay! Plus he's great because he is not a flashy showoff, and therefore does not distract the team like Emery does....

    • I have 4 teams in 4 diff. leagues in Yahoo!, because I KNEW he will have a rebound season.

      Emery will be a backup this season once he returns.

      Gerber should have played in the final against the Ducks, then the Sens would have had a better chance, as Emery was injured but hiding it..

      Gerber is better than most peeps think, very underrated. His rebounds are not as bad as Emery, EMERY HAD BAD REBOUNDS. That and Emery is a HUGE SHOWOFF....screw him, GO GERBER!

    • I'm looking for some advice...should I pick up Gerber from FA and release Ray Emery? After Gerber's great start, i'm not sure if the Sens will stick with him as long as he is winning, even if Emery is healthy. And the moment I release Emery, I bet someone else in my league will grab him. Any thoughts? I'm in a Rotesserie scoring league.

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      • I would pick up Gerber for sure! As far as Emery, thats a judgement call. Yes Emery won 33 games last year and 23 the year before but it's all about this year. He did get most of the starts before Gerber who still had a good year in 2006-7 with a 15 win 9 lost mark. But don't forget he won 38 games the year before. Need I say more. Emery is risky coming off an injury. Gerber, right now would be a steal of a pick-up off the wire if available in your league.

      • If it was me, I wouldn't drop Emery. If you have space keep him. If you don't try to keep him any way. Put him on your IR if it's available.

      • emery took them to the cup last year. There is no way he's not given every opportunity to be number 1 again. Absolutely no way. If you drop Emery everyone in your league will put a waiver claim on him. Better option for you is to have both Emery & Gerber. Emery will start about 50 - 55 games this year & Gerber will get the rest. Of course Gerber might get traded.. although probably not until the off season

    • Ottawa has a strong team. I saw all 4 games that Gerber played. The only one he was impressive was the NYR game. He lets out too many rebounds. A lot of rebounds. But hey it's working. Emery will get his #1 job when he comes back though.


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