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  • Oscar Oscar Oct 6, 2007 12:24 AM Flag

    Dear Adam

    Which team or ship you jumping/joining?? Never got back to me.. Taking advantage of the new system and put me on the ignore list??

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    • When i discovered the new format this eve,some of the avenues available to use were confusing (still are) much like the IR questions that went on ad nauseum on the old board. Still, through trial and error (guess and guess again) have managed to have a fragmented conversation.I may get to like this.

    • Hi again - sorry for long time - slow reponse - telephone call of great interest - I can not walk and chew gum at same time - I am an old time Leaf fan - my fav expression is -wait 'til next year. I have some Pittsburg(h) and Buffalo selections on my Fantasy team. Six goals tonight against a normally denfensive team such as the Sabres is getting off on the wrong foot. Oh well, still 80 games to go for my Leafs - maybe they will win 78 of them - more LOL/weeping.


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