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  • CJ CJ Feb 12, 2013 4:30 PM Flag

    5 AWESOME goalies - only 2 can play: but who?

    Get this - I have 5 goalies that are all playing - all look good. Who do I start?

    LUONGO vs Min (In Vancouver)
    RASK vs NYR (In Boston)
    LUNQVIST vs Bruins (In Boston)
    BRODEUR vs Car (In NJ)
    CRAWFORD vs Anh (In Chicago)

    I'm leaning towards Crawford and Luongo. Bobby Lou has been great. Our league is Rotis. I lead in all goalie categories (surprise, surprise...) except Save% (I'm in 2nd).

    Any advice??


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    • hard to ignore te boston new york match tho. probably low scoring , guaranteed win

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      • Yeah, I always favour playing Rask, and I think it will be low scoring, but I don't think it will be a shut out. Crawford and Luo I think have best shot at that. But hard to say. I think they are still the safest bet - but I'll probably change my mind about 5 mins before game time :)

        There is only 6 of us in the league and when we drafted I built my team from the back-forward. I grabbed Rask and Lunqvist first, then some solid D-men. Crawford I got in a later round (no one wanted to take a risk on him) and I dropped Hiller for Brodeur after a couple of games. I added Lou later - but am short a forward as a result.


    • Ya id say you got it right Crawford and Luo. What kinda leaue are you in with those tenders jesus


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