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  • Not now with Smitty on IR unless you have an abundance of G's on bench

    I would consider it if it wasn't for that tiny little fact

    Benn will out point Cally but Cally will out hit and PIM so it depends hoe the rest of your roster looks

    Mute point,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,for now

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    • Sounds like I come out ahead on this trade. As I have Hiller Hedberg and Smith ATM for Goalies and Benn vs Cally sounds like equal in fantasy points. I certainly could use for hits and PIM as those are the catagories I lost in last week.

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      • Still a tough call with IR situation,,, you do not have Smith. He may be gone for a week, a month or season,,,,,no one knows

        Is he offering you? Then wait a few days so Smitty's prognosis is more clear, do not accept right away.

        You should always and I mean always count on D to get hits & PIM with few exceptions,,, Luc/Clarkson/Simonds/Hartnell. There are only 10-12 FW that can score and produce big PIM/hits

        Let the scorers score and D do the dirty work,,, for future reference

        I win leagues, both roto and H2H with this model..... all goals/assists/PPP for FW/C and one D for outstanding +/- and my very last pick,,, a meat head D with 100 pim's that might get 5 points if he falls in the opposite crease and puck bounces off his shin pad or his shot pinballs off 2-3 guys.

        This year my guys are Bickel(108), Obrian (105) and McQuad(99) and all three are + players playing against who,,,, 4th and 3rd liners


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