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  • HABS RULE! HABS RULE! Jan 28, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    Hedman, Salo or Leddy?

    Not knowing your league settings makes it tough but,,,,,,,,,, here are reasons for either Leddy or Salo

    You'll have to make your informed call,,,, both are performing now

    These % are over last weeks games
    Salo- top D with Hedman as partner, more goals, PP (25% +) and nice firepower up front but is injury prone

    Leddy- #5 D with Hawks but #1 on PP (42%+), more PIMS and younger on a younger team

    Now that I spelled it out I would go with Leddy and it is an easy choice

    In this f&$@ up condensed season (see Betman) I would think Hawks are better equiped than the older Bolts


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