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  • Ricky Ricky Jan 25, 2013 1:01 PM Flag

    Ovechkin for Seguin

    well OVI hasn't done much the past 3 seasons, well see how he does the next two games. Being that your a Habs fan, I am assuming you don't appreciate how good Seguin is...

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    • Sure am a Habs fan and have several teams to hate but sentiments aside mate.

      This is fantasy hockey so I have Rusk over Price, Luc over almost all and Chara well I can see him in a big C on his jersey, Boychuk, Mcquad for pims and +/-.

      I can go on and on. My input is about winning not my favorite team with 24 Stanley Cups

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      • good points, thanks for the input. I won my league last year, and I hear you on fantasy value. I have players I don't like for PIMS and such too. It's too bad that a lot of those cups come with the asterik *** on them (for any player born in Quebec, the habitians had first rights too). If that were true in the 80's they would have had Super Mario, the Great One, and Ray Bourque all on the same team. No wonder they won all those cups...

    • Trade OV...the other teams have figured him out and he won't ever do what he once did...

      I already traded him for Pavelski and am glad I did because watching the Capitals was giving me indigestion...

      Yeah I know it's early and all that but with the short season I don't have the patience to hope OV finally goes on a tear...

    • I would try for that maybe ask for Seguin and someone else for OVI. Hes a big name you probably could get Seguin and someone else that is decent. Go for it!

    • Granted last year Ovi only had 65 points (and most say that's b/c of Dale Hunter's system last year) but the 2 years before that he had 85 and 109 points. Dunno how you'd think that is not doing much "the past 3 seasons"?

      As for Seguin, I had him on my fantasy last year and after his hot start he really cooled off and seemed to disappear for long stretches.

      I'd say keep Ovi, plus Ovi brings more to the table in terms of hits, blocks, power play goals/assists, and shots.


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