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  • HABS RULE! HABS RULE! Jan 24, 2013 2:23 AM Flag

    Drop Simmons grab Kassian

    Big gamble,,, big.

    I am in Vancouver and can't recommend the risk just yet. He might hit you a home run or flailing single or double

    Very hard to imagine he will match Simmons numbers over season. Can you?

    Playing with Sedins is only an experiment by AV . You and I could hit 20-30 goals playing with them as long as we have our stick on the ice near the net.

    Once Kesler and Booth are back he will be probably be back on 3rd line and very little PP time if any and Burrows will back with Sedins.

    Might even go down further to 4th line if Lou gets traded and they bring another C or W

    Don't do it,,, flag him and be patient for 2-3-4 weeks.

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    • That's certainly true, all the AHLers that went on first line last year got points because of the Sedins. I feel like his play right now at least merits second line even with Kes and Booth back.
      I can imagine:
      The PP time will be dictated by what he does in the next few games.

      What HABS says about Canucks bringing in a C or W is very true. I don't think he'll go all the way down to 4th line though. Insider news says the potential trade isn't anyone that we know of yet...what I'm predicting is some 2nd-3rd line C to fill in the void for Kes, a A- tier forward prospect & a 3rd round draft pick. It doesn't make sense for Canucks to get a C; the reason we traded Hodgson was because we had too much talent there. Not to mention we already have Schroeder & Jensen in the makings. Definitely not D, too many prospects there.
      The goalie situation is disconcerting. Schenids will need time off. Lack is injured. Does that mean our backup is Climie?

      I'm not saying anymore that the better idea is Kaassian but if you want him, do it now. Don't wait till later because like HABS said, his value and playing time will probably deteriorate once starters are back and trade is made.

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      • *Raymond's only 2nd line because he's useless on grinder lines. His speed worked extremely well today but the Flames don't play with the "hit-everything-as-hard-as-you-can-mentality." He showed to be a little off-balance in corners (big improvement from last year though) but no way he can handle 3rd/4th line duties.

      • Unless Kassian warrants the ice time and really proves it he will tumble down the depth chart. He is now ahead of the pack with strong play as he was in AHL during lockout and had 28 games with the Wolves.

        Like your layout out Jay but can't see him ahead of Higgins or Booth once he is back. I like the sound of it but can'y see it,,, not this year. Too raw and they need him more as energy guy occasionally banging one in. That's his spot as a role player,,, for now

        With Lou I can see them keeping him until trade deadline and if I was GM I would. With such a compact season with so many B2B's and 3 games in 4 nights every team needs two reliable tenders and Nucs do.

        When time comes,,,,bring Weiss for 3rd line C,,, oooo ya

      • No booth?


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