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  • Jay Jay Jan 21, 2013 8:20 PM Flag

    Connacher or Purcell + D Questions

    Okay. 12 team league.

    C - Toews, M. Koivu, Backstrom
    LW - Nash, Benn (C, LW), M. Richards (C, LW)
    RW - Purcell, Tarasenko, Neal (LW, RW), Voracek
    D - Keith, Garrison, Schultz, Wideman
    G - Backstrom, Crawford

    FA options to consider:
    Turris, Horton, Plekanec, P. Hornqvist, Downie, Desharnis, Okposo, N. Foligno, Galchenyuk, Boedker, Halvat, Hodgson, Kadri, Kovalev, Palmieri

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    • The way I see your roster you have ZERO chance of winning any PIM stat for any week unless one of these guys runs a guy from behind or goes apesh&t and takes his stick to some one so I would forget that stat and Downie, altogether.

      Of the remaining players you listed (no Conacher) eliminate Kadri, Okpoo, Galch, Boedker,

      This leaves several but to be blunt the only risk on your roster is the rookie, Tarasenko and he has started so well after tonight (2 games/5 pts) he looks like a lock to stay after the 5 game rookie cut line.

      My main consideration would be Hodgson as he s C/RW and has produced at every level. He never had a chance here (Vancouver) behind Kesler and Sedin at C nor at RW with Burr, new guy Booth and the Great Dane Hansen.

      He is a machine in the making on a very strong offensive team.

      If you do anything ( I would if it was my team/roster) is pick him up for Voracek

      Of the others flag them but nothing else now.

      For your D,,,,, Schultz is only unknown (assuming it is Justin), Can't see him failing but keep an eye on him, he will probably have a #$%$ +/-

      Your +/- is not bad but if you consistently lose that stat switch a D in and it will probably be him. Might want to dangle him on trade as he is at his HIGHEST trade value now for a veteran Like Hanhuis or another solid Dman

      Hope this helps

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      • You're amazing. And yeah, I #$%$ up on the PIMs LOL. Simmonds would've been the perfect take...
        Right now, I've narrowed my FAs down to Turris, Havlat & Hodgson.

        Good advice for Schultz, thanks. Didn't think of that.

        I just realized: I have a problem with max games played with my C/LW because they always interfere with each other I don't know who to get rid of though...
        I drafted too high on them so I don't really want to dump one for an FA.
        Who do I dangle as trade bait? Benn hasn't played yet so no chance for him. Richards is doing terrible so he's at his lowest value atm. That leaves it to Nash, Toews, Backstrom & Koivu. If I want a top tier C/LW/RW that plays at different times than my guys, it looks like I have to get rid of Toews, Nash or Backstrom. Any advice here?


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