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  • Eddie Shore Eddie Shore Jan 21, 2013 2:03 PM Flag

    How much are stats worth?

    I know what gets me points i just dont know how much i get for each of the different stats. For example, do i get a point for every 5 penalty minutes or is it some other equation. are goals and assists equal??? i'm new to fantasy and the site doesn't explain it very well...thanks

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    • In standard Yahoo roto leagues you get points based on where you stand in each stat category compared to other teams in your league.

      For any particular stat category, you list the teams in the order of who has the best totals for that category. If you are in a league with 12 teams, the leader of a category gets 12 points. Second place gets 11, third gets 10, and on until last place gets 1 point. This is done for each category and your teams totals from this ranking are added together to get your total score. In a twelve team league, your overall score can range from 10 points (last in every category) to 120 points (first in all categories).

      You'll see some weird point totals for the first week as many teams will be tied in a lot of stat categories. As the season progresses you'll see teams start to differentiate themselves and the scoring become more coherent.


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